How Making Healthy Choices Can Affect Your Every Day Life

It is common knowledge that making healthy lifestyle choices is important in order to maintain good health and prevent diseases. It is hard to make those choices for many of us, however, because the benefits and consequences of doing or failing to do so are not immediate. Focusing on how healthy lifestyle choices affect us immediately in everyday life can help many of us make those choices and stick to them.

Exercise to Improve Mood and Boost Energy

Exercise releases endorphins in the body, which are chemicals that reduce pain and trigger good feelings. The endorphins released by exercise can reduce stressful feelings to help you cope better in day-to-day life. Exercise improves energy by improving muscle tone and endurance. The more you move, the more you are able and will want to keep going.

Eat Protein to Feel Full

Whether you are dieting or need to stay full during busy times, eating protein can give you a feeling of satiety that lasts. In fact, it has been theorized that high protein diets work well for weight loss because of this aspect.

Sugary Snacks May Lead to Later Fatigue

While high-sugar foods can give immediate feelings of satisfaction, the effects of having a sugar crash may not be worth it. Sugar crashes occur due to a rapid spike and then fall in blood sugar levels after indulging in sugary foods. Symptoms include fatigue and headaches.

Get Enough Sleep to Stay Alert and Avoid Accidents

Being sleep deprived on the road can slow reaction times in a way similar to driving drunk. Sleep deprivation can also increase the chance of accidents and mistakes on the job. Cognitive functions like attention, problem solving and concentration also suffer from a lack of sleep. Be sure to keep a regular sleep schedule and make sure you feel rested when you start the day.

Use Designated Drivers if You Drink

If you drink, it is of course important to designate a sober person as the driver. When you drive drunk, you risk your life and the lives of others, not to mention the fact that drunk driving is illegal. In addition, a DWI conviction can have effects on your job and family, according to a DWI attorney in Hampton VA. Drinking is something to do in moderation. If you feel as though you cannot control your drinking or experience other signs of alcoholism, such as inability to function in work or relationships due to drinking, talk to your doctor for recommendations.
Making healthy lifestyle choices not only has long-term benefits, such as the prevention of diabetes, but also short-term, everyday life benefits, such as the ability to stay alert and energized. These immediate benefits are more motivating for many than long-term benefits or consequences. Keeping a mental focus on how making healthy choices helps us feel better in the short term can assist in our ability to make and maintain those choices.