Healthy Meal for a Healthy Mouth

There are lot of nutrition tips when it comes to proper dental health such as eating foods that can surely make your mouth healthy. According to some dental experts, oral health is actually a picture of our overall health. It is because our mouth is the first in line of our defence when it comes to harmful bacteria. It is common that through brushing and flossing, we can prevent harmful bacteria from developing and growing inside of our mouth and after enter our body through bloodstream. However, there are still lot of easy and nutritious way that can make your mouth healthier. 

Add your protein intake
If you want to have healthy mouth then eating protein rich food can be useful to you. It is because protein makes our teeth structure. Adding your protein intake can be useful too if you are pregnant. You can add legumes like add beans, kidney beans or garbanzo beans in your meal like soup and salad. Fish and chicken too are great source of protein.
Eat dark green leafy veggies
Keep in mind that it is not only the dairy foods are the great source of dietary calcium. It is because even green leafy veggies can supply as with a great amount of calcium that can strengthen our teeth. Did you know that not enough calcium can lead to a freaky lose teeth? It is because the majority of calcium that we ate will stored in teeth and bones and whenever we don’t get enough calcium through our food, the calcium is stolen from the teeth and bones that can make them incompetent or when it comes to our teeth, it makes them weaker and weaker.
Remember to eat carrots
I so love carrots! That is why this orange veggie is often associated with my everyday meals. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A which is one of the most important nutrients for our oral health and at the same time for our vision thingy. This delicious orange veggie plays a huge role in aiding in removal of bacteria from our mouth through moving saliva effectively inside our mouth. We all know that bacteria that stay in our mouth will later on cause a long-term damage such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. 
Include walnuts in your diet
To help remove the harmful bacteria from your mouth and gums, eat omega 3 rich foods! One of these is the walnut. Omega 3 is a fatty acid that is essential fat that our body can’t produce. It acts as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Other sources of this are salmon, flax seeds and chia seeds.
Also remember that diminishing the amount of sweet and sticky foods and increasing your fresh fruits and veggies consumption is a huge help to your oral health. Also, have a healthy mouth by trying our herbal products which are proven effective from the testimonies of our customers. Visit our website by clicking à REH Kings Herbal Food Supplement!