Healthy Eating – Benefits of Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is necessary to supply all the necessary nutrients and energy to your body. Apart from the nutritional need of the body, a healthy diet has much more to do. It provides many other benefits too. A proper diet should have fruits and vegetables along with whole grains. This is the definition of a perfect healthy diet. In the initial stage of shifting to a healthy diet, you need to add more of vegetables, fruits and whole grains and at the same time remove any unhealthy food items that you have been eating. Balance, variety and moderation are two factors that play crucial role in maintaining a proper diet. Balanced food provides your body with all types of food and keeps a balance of nutrients. Variety helps you to fulfill each nutritional requirement of your body. Excessive of anything even if something healthy and nutritious is not healthy for your body. You should keep every food intake into moderation. Below are the health benefits and nutritional contents of major food sections.

Fruits and Vegetables

Health Benefits: Vegetables and fruits are always healthy for the body and it provides below benefits:
• Type 2 diabetes prevention
• Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases
• Protects against cancers like that of colon-rectum, stomach, etc.
• Prevents bone loss
• Prevents development of kidney stones
• Reduces risk of coronary artery diseases


• are low in fat and calories and have no cholesterol
• rich in folic acid, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C
• potassium helps in maintaining proper blood pressure
• dietary fiber help to lower risk of heart diseases and reduce blood cholesterol
• fiber provides a feeling of full in stomach and help in proper digestion
• folic acid is good for women in the trimesters of pregnancy
• Vitamin A helps in maintain proper health of eyes and skin
• Vitamin C helps in healing of wounds and cuts and helps in iron absorption

Whole Grains

Health Benefits: Whole grains have many health benefits for your body. Below are some of them.
• It helps in weight management
• It reduces constipation
• It reduces the risk of coronary artery disease


• Are rich in B vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber
• B vitamins aid in metabolism of the body as it helps in release of energy from fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism
• Reduces the risk of heart diseases
• Folic acid is good for women going through pregnancy
• Magnesium helps in building of bones and release of energy from muscles
This was a concise presentation about a healthy diet and its benefits. Healthy recipes can be a great way to a healthy diet. Learn about recipes that can be prepared using fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You can choose grains, fruits and vegetables that you are fond of and prepare a recipe that tastes good to you. However, make sure that you have food from all food groups. This will make your diet a balanced perfect diet.