Have a Stronger Immune System in These Cold Season

“I’m freezing!!”, “So cold outside!”, “I need some jackets!” etc. These are just some familiar sentences that we can often hear. It is because winter is finally here. Although winter is such a freezing, many of our favorite holidays are actually in winter. However, despite the exciting holidays that comes together with this season, still the reason behind our flu and cold symptoms. So, as we enjoy this season, let strengthen our immune system!
Choose what you eat
Do you often eat the food on your plate? To ensure strong immune system is to guarantee what you eat. Eat good foods. Choose natural foods with nutrients and vitamins instead of processed and junk food. Did you know that processed food and drinks can actually weaken your immune system? Eat fruits and veggies! 

Eat lot of Vitamin C
My mom always said that vitamin C is great in fighting cold. And as what I researched awhile ago, it’s pretty true and not just an old wives’ tale. Fresh fruits and veggies are great source of vitamin C than those juices like oranges, kiwi, green veggies and berries. You can also try an immune boosting smothie!
Drink water!
Instead of drinking soft drinks, drink water! Keep yourself hydrated because it is one of the keys to a healthy immune system. Make sure to drink lot of water every day. If you feel like you catch illness, then drink up more water and more glasses over the next couple of days.
Rest and sleep
Sleeping and relaxing are the simplest and easiest way in strengthen our immune system. Sleeping is one of my favorite things and I’m going to do this too!! Ha-ha! Seriously, if you feel tired and restless then you are more prone to diseases. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep to help your body rejuvenate each night!
Always remember to get probiotics
Go and get some probiotics! Probiotics are good bacteria actually. Normally, we think that bacteria are such as bad as evil because it gives us lot of diseases. However, not probiotics because this kind of bacteria help us fight possible illness that we can probably get/ Probiotics can be found in many fermented foods such as yogurt and supplements. So, better try to eat more foods with probiotics to strengthen your immune system.
Do some exercise
Staying active is also another way to increase your immune system. Workout for at least 30 minutes for five days every week. In this routine, you can keep your immune system in a good and stronger condition.
Adequate Vitamin D
Seek the sun! If it is impossible for you to have some vitamin D through our sun because of the cold weather then you can take this vitamin through adding it to your diet or by supplement.
There are lot and lot of things we can do to improve our immune system to be free from cold and flu this cold season. You can also try our herbal products that can surely strengthen your immune system up to 100%! You can visit us at REH Kings Herbal. Try the above tips and enjoy the chillin wind of winter!