Hair Restoration Surgery – A Great Alternative to Baldness

Receding hairlines, baldness and thinning of hair are no longer considered as problems which you cannot deal with. All thanks to modern technology, a lot of advances have been made in the field of hair restoration. Men and women both witness hair loss due to a number of reasons and are candidates for hair restoration surgery. Plastic surgeons, these days, offer their patients a better surgical experience that have less invasive treatments, allows the doctor to use more grafts and the recovery time is quicker. 

A large number of people experience baldness due to a few inherited traits as they do not have any control over them. They have acquired it from the ancestral fathers and it will continue unless any good treatment for hair loss is done. That is why most people consider heredity the most obvious case for baldness. But baldness or hair loss should be treated in its initial stage, otherwise it may result in permanent hair loss and that is not curable. Hair is an important part of our body and affects our appearance. So, be it a man or woman, everyone gets affected if they start experiencing hair loss at an earlier stage.
Before planning to undergo this kind of procedure, patients are advised to schedule a consultation session with their surgeon. A surgeon is the one who can decide whether a candidate is suitable for a surgery or not based on different criteria. A candidate must possess a good amount of donor hair and have partial hair loss in frontal balding areas. 
When it comes to hair restoration, there are a number of options available. FUT or follicular unit transplantation is the most common technique. This is a more surgically invasive technique compared to others and involves the removal of a rear portion of the scalp of the patient and then it is divided it into separate grafts. Then the surgeon creates new hairline and fill the balding spots with new grafts.
Another great option for hair restoration is FUE or follicular unit extraction. It is safe, less invasive and more effective. It involves the removal of hair follicles individually followed by implantation of grafts. This method has lower complication risk for the patient.  Even though FUE method is beneficial, many doctors do not take the risk of performing it. A surgeon needs to be specially trained to perform this surgery. Besides this, the surgery is costly as well as time consuming. A patient also goes through less discomfort and the recovery time is less after a surgery. New advances in the area of hair restoration allow surgeons to perform the surgery with the help of a machine. The new advancement has increased the success rate of the surgery. In addition to that, machines help in a faster surgery and also cut off the medical bills. In the initial consultation phase with the surgeon, a patient should clear every doubt about the surgery and whether they should undergo it or not. 
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