Four Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a Dentist

When choosing a dentist there are several questions that you should ask before making a final decision. Asking about expectations of your first visit, treatment costs, hours of operation, and advancements in technology are essential to making a well informed decision about this type of medical professional.

What Should I Expect During the First Exam?
As a new patient, you should find out exactly what to expect from your first visit to your potential new dentist. Meeting the staff, learning the cleaning procedures, and understanding the equipment used will make you feel more at ease with your choice.

According to the Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic, regular cleanings are essential to remove tartar and plaque that cannot be reached by regular brushing. Make sure to ask your new dentist the procedures for regular cleanings, since this will be the reason for most of your visits.

Will the Cost of Treatment be Reviewed Before Work is Done?
Some work that dentists perform is not covered by insurance and can become very costly. Make sure to ask whether or not your dentist will review the price of treatment options before beginning his or her work. This will prevent any unexpected surprises after your treatment is over.

What are the Hours of Operation?
This is one of the most critical questions when searching for a new dentist. If your dentist’s hours aren’t convenient for your schedule, you need to find a new location. Not only should a dentist have a wide variety of hours for regular appointments, but he or she should also have availability in the case of an emergency.

Is the Dentist Up to Date with New Procedures and Technology?
Finally, to ensure that you will be receiving up to date treatment, you should ask how your dentist maintains his or her knowledge about new procedures and technology. An example of cutting edge technology that your dentist should know about would be digital x-rays. Not only is this technique a more efficient way of receiving a dental x-ray, but it also reduces the amount of radiation used by up to 90%.

When choosing a dentist it is important to ask questions and make a well-educated decision. Asking about your first visit, treatment costs, hours of operation, and technology advancement will limit the amount of unpleasant surprises during your first few visits. Going to the dentist is a necessity to maintain good oral health and you should make sure you are comfortable with your choice.