Four Pests And What They Could Be Doing To Your Health

Pests come in all shapes and varieties and cause structural damage to the home. In additional to property damage, these pests can also affect one’s health. No one wants to expose themselves to unnecessary health risks due to an untreated pest problem. Here are four pests that may be present in your home that could be affecting your health.

Hidden dangers of cockroach infestation

Cockroaches pose a number of health risks to the home. This is especially the case in those with specific allergies. The presence of the pest can trigger allergic symptoms in those with allergies. Droppings and saliva left behind the pests are what puts the person at risk for salmonella and food contamination. It is estimated that one-in-five children die annually due to severe reactions to these allergens. Cockroaches are more of a danger to children with allergies than the dust mite.

When ants take over

There are over 12,000 species of ants in the world. Ants can be dangerous to foods and can impact the health of the entire family in the event of a major infestation. Ants can actually carry infectious diseases in the organisms of their bodies such as dysentery and smallpox. The presence of these ants causes contamination and an allergic reaction in some.

Managing pesky dust mites

Dust mites trigger allergic reactions in house dust. Known to exacerbate asthma symptoms dust mites are difficult to detect. They thrive in warm or humid scenarios. They can also thrive in bedding and upholstery. Dust mites can be difficult to detect without a microscope and can eat the flesh. In addition keeping temperatures below 60 degrees when possible, one can control pet dander and keep it to a minimum.

Bed bugs make for strange bedfellows

Bed bug infestation causes a musty odor. Fecal matter can be found in the crevices of the mattresses and thrive in household furniture. They can cause staining to the linens. Not much can be done without professional treatment to prevent a bed bug infestation from occurring. When traveling, Gold Seal, A company that specializes in Pest Control in Indianapolis, Indiana suggests, the hotel room be inspected thoroughly to detect signs of bed bugs.
There are steps one can take to prevent certain problems in the home but professional pest control services can create a long-term management strategy. Learn more about solutions available to help you make your home a much safer and healthier environment for your family.