Five Surprising Ways We Ruin Our Vision Without Realizing it

It’s difficult to maintain perfect eyesight in a world full of computer screens, health risks and environmental problems. If your eyes are red, tired and strained, chances are one of these problems is the cause. Fortunately, none of them are unavoidable!

We Spend Too Much Time Looking at Screens
Eyestrain has always been a problem for office workers. Now that nearly every home has a computer along with several televisions and smartphones, it’s getting even worse. Enlarge the font size of fine print on your screens, and remember to take breaks. Your eyes are shaped by muscles that need exercise, so change depth of focus often to keep them strong!

We Read in Poor Light 

Inadequate task lighting is also a major culprit in declining eyesight. Shed more light on the task at hand by training a high-wattage lamp over your shoulder or directly overhead. It will make everything from chopping vegetables in the kitchen to your nightly bedtime reading more pleasurable and better for your eyes. You’ll find you need to do this more and more as you age.

We Don’t Eat the Right Foods 

Poor diet causes diabetes, a leading cause of eyesight deterioration and blindness. Eat a balanced diet, rich in beta carotene and lutein to improve the health of your eyes. Broccoli, kale, eggs and carrots are particularly rich sources of eye nutrients. If you are diabetic, manage your blood sugar carefully.

We Don’t Wear Sunglasses 

Exposure to UV rays from the sun is a leading cause of cataracts. The effects of sunlight accumulate over a lifetime and, as the population ages there has been an explosion in the number of cataract surgeries. Train yourself to put on sunglasses whenever you go out, whether it’s to drive, walk or ride a bike. Don’t forget that winter sunlight can be equally damaging, especially when sunlight reflects off of snow.

We Wear Drugstore Reading Glasses 

No one who’s always had great eyesight wants to admit they’re starting to need glasses. The impulse is to pick up cheap glasses at the pharmacy to delay the inevitable. Unfortunately, these “crutches” make things worse. Wearing the wrong prescription for your eyesight can actually weaken your eyes and make the problem worse. Get an annual checkup from a licensed optician, and if they say you need glasses, get them. The best Calgary eye doctors use Eyeconx, a patient management software system that makes managing your eye care quick, easy and economical!