Five Of The Best Ways To Stay Healthy While Working Behind a Desk

If you’re like many of us, you spend a few too many hours working (or playing) behind a desk. This time can impact your physical health in many ways but fortunately, there are things you can do to help keep yourself healthy. Below are five of the best tips we’ve found in our experience.

Take breaks

Depending on your job restrictions; this is one of the easiest or most difficult tips to implement. To keep blood flowing well and give your body a quick refresher, take a break when you can aiming for every 60 minutes. If you can’t actually walk away, just standing up and doing a few stretches can help ward off stiffness and cramps.


Many desk workers’ problems are a matter of the wrong office configuration. In addition to proper monitor height and keyboard placement, a key factor is to use a high-quality chair with the proper support for the tasks you need to complete. Many find that an Aeron chair from Office Designs offers enough adjustability that they feel the chair is custom made for them and reduces many pain points.

Proper lighting

If your problem is headaches, there is a chance that the lighting conditions are not appropriate for the amount of time that you are spending at your desk. Experiment with different combinations of ambient and task lighting to find what works for you. Often a light bulb that casts a more natural or “daylight” hue helps reduce headaches and fatigue.

Air Quality

Often overlooked, the quality of air is very important when you are tied to the same space for an extended time. To the extent that you can control temperature, humidity and air filtration, you can reduce fatigue, headaches and even colds and viruses that thrive in certain air conditions.

Computer tips

For those that are using computers while behind their desk for hours, the previously mentioned ergonomics are very important but it is also a good idea to look away from your monitor and focus on something farther away periodically to avoid eye strain and headaches. There are also programs available that automatically vary the light hue and intensity of light from your monitor to account for time of day and reduce eye strain.
These are just a few of the best ways to help fellow desk workers keep their bodies in top shape despite the hours spent behind the desk each day. Even if you can’t apply them all in your situation, you will likely notice improvement with even one or two of these changes.