Five Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Body Healthy

There are so many factors working against busy people who are trying to keep their bodies healthy including polluted environments and hectic work schedules. However, vibrant health does not have to be an elusive goal when one understands that the two main components of wellness are excellent dietary and exercise habits. Through a clean diet and a progressively rigorous exercise program one can avoid many types of illnesses and injuries that become even more pronounced with age. Here are some specific suggestions to help everyday people keep their bodies healthy.

1 Eat Clean, Organic Foods When Possible

Eating conventional foods over time tends to increase the body’s toxic load which can weaken immune functions. In fact, naturopathic doctors like Dr. Walter Crinnion documented the fact that extremely ill patients of his experienced dramatic reversal of their conditions when they cleaned up their diets and followed certain detoxification protocols. Clean eating consists of consuming foods that are free of large amounts of chemicals and hormones; these foods are usually classified as organic. 

2 Add More Vegetarian Meal Options

Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that preserve good health. If one is consuming a diet that mostly consists of animal products, then that person is missing out on the valuable nutrients that are only found in fresh produce. Substituting a few meals with healthy vegetarian options that include plant-based proteins, is a great way to lower one’s caloric and fat intake.

3 Utilize Quality Supplements 

In an ideal world, all nutrients needed comes from consuming a healthy balanced diet. However, environmental contaminants and improper resource consumption has left many farms with depleted soils. Nutrient deficient soil produces lackluster food. Some supplements like digestive enzymes are needed because the body produces fewer of these enzymes with age. Also, athletes and other physically active people must replace nutrients in higher quantities than others who are not as active. Quality whole food supplements act as a sort of nutritional insurance policy for those people.

4 Exercise Outdoors 

In addition to weight control, exercise improves circulation, strengthens muscles, and helps eliminate toxins from the body. Outdoor exercise helps oxygenate the body which enhances its natural healing functions. Increased muscle strength guards against injury and even serves to support the spinal column and lower back. Many athletes find that they can support their muscles better and increase athletic performance with the use of strength tape like the kind found at The increased cell turnover that results from consistent exercise also helps people maintain healthy complexions.

5 Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated helps the body to remove waste products in an efficient manner. The body is made of over 60 percent water so it is critical for people to replace the water used for waste elimination. Water consumption is also needed for proper kidney function.


Incorporating a few of these suggestions over time results in better overall wellness and vitality. Diving right in and adhering to these suggestions completely often has anti-aging effects.