Five Health Benefits To Living At A Retirement Community

One of the most difficult decisions people are faced with as they age is deciding when is the right time to say farewell to their long-time residence and when is the right time to say hello to a retirement community.
The main reasons people don’t want to move to a retirement community is that they are afraid of losing their independence and they want to hold on to cherished memories of their home. Despite numerous documented benefits to living in a retirement community, the push-back is usually pretty strong. But once a loved one realizes and sees firsthand the many advantages of living in a retirement community, their outlook on life often improves and they are eager to take the leap. Maintaining an active lifestyle, having medical services at hand, keeping a good diet, having companionship and safety are important health benefits a retirement community can provide.

Active lifestyle

Many retirement communities have an activity coordinator who designs different levels of programs to keep residents active and healthy. The most important goal is to get residents moving and keep them from becoming sedentary. For example, over here at sunshineretirementliving.comresidents can participate in daily calisthenics, walking programs and a plethora of physical activities that focus on mind-body connections and physical well-being.

Medical services

Many older people who are living on their own often ignore going to the doctor, don’t go to the office for a regular checkup or avoid and forget to take medication. Even getting a shot, which can prevent a serious illness or worse, can be a problem.
Medical services are readily available at many retirement communities. Nurses make sure residents are taking their medicine, and in the correct dosage. Routine exams can be conducted onsite. Shuttle services might be available to transport residents to and from doctors’ offices.
Some communities even will offer pharmacy services meaning residents don’t ever have to leave to be seen by a physician and to receive medicine.


As people age, they cab become lonely sitting in their home. Sometimes they are ignored or forgotten by family and friends. Their mind as well as their body fritters away.
Being lonely is not an option at a retirement community. Fun, community wide activities are planned. Friendships and close relationships develop, which contribute to a person’s overall good health.


Perhaps the most difficult health factor to maintain as people age is a healthy diet. Sometimes it’s just getting someone to eat something, anything. Poor eating habits often lead to more serious health issues.
At a retirement community, you might not have to even cook meals for yourself. Most will have a dining hall and the menu will consist of healthy meals. Living units have a kitchen, so residents can plan a special meal. At a retirement community, cooking will never be a burden again.


Safety is an overriding concern for people as they get older. Elderly people are susceptible to any number of thieves or scam artists. At a retirement community, those fears do not exist.
Communities are secure and security is often present.