Five Foods That Improve Your Oral Health

Most people are already aware of the multitude of foods that can harm their teeth. At times, it can make you feel like your options are seriously limited if you want a great smile. However, there are also many foods that can help protect and strengthen teeth. Here are five foods that can improve your oral health.
Leafy Green Vegetables 
Leafy green vegetables, like collards, mustard greens and kale, are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. They’re particularly high in calcium and phosphorus, which are critical for maintaining the structural integrity of your teeth. In addition, greens contain large amounts of vitamin C, which enhances the efficiency of nutrient absorption and helps repair gum tissue.

Dairy Products

Dairy products provide a lot of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Each of these minerals work together to promote strong, healthy tooth enamel, which can reduce your susceptibility to decay. Try to aim for low-sugar options when possible. The sugar added to yogurt, chocolate milk and other sweetened dairy products can actually encourage enamel erosion and tooth decay.


If you love seafood, you’ll be thrilled to know that it’s great for your oral health. Fish and shellfish are loaded with trace minerals and other nutrients that can be hard to get without supplementation, such as iodine and omega-3. It’s also among the richest food sources of vitamin D, which is lacking in most modern diets. Vitamin D is required for sufficient calcium absorption, which your teeth depend on. In fact, some research suggests that without enough vitamin D, a high-calcium diet can actually lead to more problems.


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol commonly used by diabetics for its low impact on blood glucose levels. However, it has also been found to be potent preventer of tooth decay. Xylitol reduces oral acidity, promotes adequate salivation and helps dietary calcium bind to the teeth. Furthermore, this sweet substance also acts as a trap for bacteria, preventing them from damaging tooth enamel.


An apple a day keeps the dentist away, too. This fruit is rich in magnesium, calcium and other minerals important for healthy teeth. They’re also low in acidity compared to most other fruits. Even the act of eating an apple is good for your teeth. As you chew this firm fruit, it scrubs you teeth clean of plaque buildup, making it a nice accompaniment to brushing and flossing.
Don’t wait until you receive one of those dentist appointment reminders from to start caring for your oral health. Start today by adding some of these tooth-friendly foods to your diet.