Fight Cancer by Changing Your Lifestyle

Specifically, cancer is such a very alarming and scary topic because it is one of the most deadly diseases worldwide and based on some studies; one of every four deaths is attributed to cancer and that some studies show that one-third of cancer deaths are related to lifestyle. And sadly, we are all at risk of cancer because it knows no gender, age, religion, status or skin color. However, based on the result of some studies regarding cancer, we can fight it by changing our lifestyle to a healthy one; Here are some healthy lifestyle that we must consider.

Quit Smoking
I don’t understand why but despite the fact that smoking is the number one reason of having cancer, people still do it and worse they love doing it. Give up smoking to reduce your chance of having cancer. There are 69 carcinogens in tobacco smoke along with thousands of other chemicals.  Don’t try to start smoking! And instead start to think ways that can surely make you healthy.
Protect Yourself from the Sun
One of the most common types of cancer is the Skin cancer. Skin cancer has two types, the non-melanoma and the serious one, melanoma. One of the most common causes of this cancer type is the exposure to the sun. Avoid tanning beds, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight and always wear a high SPF sun cream. We can’t always avoid sun right? That is why we must wear SPF sun cream with a minimum of 30 with a moisturizer formula when outdoors especially when it is summer, you can also cover yourself with a cool, long sleeved shirt, hat and sunglasses. Also, you must remember, too, that if you’re at the beach or pool, reapply your sun screen regularly.
Keep Watch of Your Weight
We must admit it, being overweight puts us at all sorts of health risks and huge impact on our quality life. Sadly, being overweight reduce our chance to be cancer-free. Include the “Exercise” thingy to your everyday routine because the American Cancer Society recommends 20 minutes of exercise a day. So, keep on exercising and reduce your extra inches! Be cancer-free and at the same time fit and sexy.
Eat Healthy Foods
One of the best things to do too is to keep track on the food you eat. Eat antioxidant-rich foods that helps fight free radicals and keep your immune system strong. Don’t forget to keep raw and natural foods on your menu regularly. Also, fats are important to our body but just 10% only for our daily intake and eliminate trans fat as much as possible. Limit red meat and eat fish daily. Lastly, your cholesterol intake should be not more than 300 milligrams per day.
Check what’s inside
Also, remember that reducing our risk of cancer is not just all about what we eat; it is also on what we use. Check your make up kit and read all of them. There are these beauty products that contain chemicals which are not always a good chemicals unless described us 100% natural. Can you imagine, you are rubbing some things your skin that can cause harm like cancer. How scary that even toothpaste can contain carcinogens which can cause cancer. When it comes to food, we must always remember to check the food label. FDA highlights the chemicals that can cause cancer by using “eth”in a word like “ceteareth”.
As you can see, reducing your risk in getting cancer can be easy if you are really motivated. Also, if you feel something different like some cancer-related experiences, better visit your doctors and let them help you for a greater chance of recovery.
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