Family Emergency: 5 Things To Prepare For If You Have Little Ones Around the House

New parents soon learn that the ordinary household holds a number of dangers for small children. To protect your little ones at all times, you should implement a number of procedures to prevent these accidents before they occur and deal with emergency situations when needed.


Because children don’t quite understand the consequences of touching a hot stove, playing with fireworks, or the severity of hot beverages—burns are very common for young children. If this happens to your child,  immediately remove any clothing from the area to prevent further burning and plunge the body part into water or apply an icepack. Avoid putting petroleum jelly, butter or other home remedies on the wound. If the burn is more than simple redness on the surface of the skin, see your doctor immediately.

Head Injuries

With rambunctious kids, you’re sure to experience a head injury with at least one of your children, so be prepared for it. If bleeding from a head wound is profuse, get medical help immediately. If the wound is closed but swelling, apply an icepack and monitor your child for signs such sleepiness, crankiness, nausea, vomiting or any unusual behavior. These signs could indicate a concussion, a serious condition that requires medical attention. The most important thing to remember with head injuries is to closely monitor your child—you will be the one to notice if the injury is affecting their behavior and thus, more dangerous than just a bump on the head.


We can’t always keep an eye on all of our children all of the time, and with little kids, choking is very common. You may notice that your child has stopped eating and is standing unusually still. He may make not be able to cry out or make sounds if something is stuck in his throat, mostly because this cuts off breathing. Immediately put the child over your arm with head downward and strike him firmly on the center of the back to loosen the food and expel it from the windpipe. If the child still cannot breathe, call 9-11 and start CPR immediately. It is extremely important to act quickly if you believe your child has swallowed an object like a small toy or something they found on the floor. These objects (because they are not soft like food) can easily get lodged in the throat and cut off air ways.

Tooth Knock Out

If you have a particularly adventurous child, like a climber or a jumper, you’re bound to experience the “total tooth knock out” sometime in their childhood. If your child loses a tooth from a fall, remain calm and call your dentist immediately. Generally, the loss of a baby tooth is not serious and will eventually be filled in with a new tooth. However, the child should be examined to ensure that no damage has occurred inside that gums that could affect the eruption of the adult teeth. For an older child, put the tooth in a cup of milk and take it with you to the dentist. The dentist may be able to re-implant the tooth and support it in position while it heals. Professionals who are used to dealing with a dental emergency in Indianapolis on a weekly basis suggest that parents can call on their way to the dentist, in order to get there as soon as possible. This is one emergency that cannot wait to be fixed, because it could cause serious damage down the road.

Insect Bites

A bee sting can cause a noisy objection but can usually be taken care of by removing the stinger and applying an ice pack to the area. If you notice any severe swelling or difficulty breathing, it may be caused by an allergy—in this case, you will want to get medical help immediately. For other bites, you can get a lot of information on the internet of how to treat a bite from a certain insect. In many cases, you may not see what it is that bites your child, so researching the bite on the internet will help you to identify the insect to see if it is dangerous. In most cases, if there is severe swelling or any other adverse reactions to the bite, it is most likely poisonous or an allergic reaction. In these cases, a trip to the hospital will be necessary.