Easy, Quick And Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a great way to beat the summer heat. Sugary carbonated drinks are OK for a while, but when that insulin starts skyrocketing, brother, you know you need a change in venue. Here I have compiled (and comprised) some fabulicious summer smoothies that will knock your socks off, with the added benefit of being healthy of course. Note that any of my recipes can be modified in accordance to your personal wishes. Avoid adding sugar or sweeteners to maximize the ‘healthy’ effect. People suffering from diabetes should avoid these drinks altogether.

Watermelon Sunrise Caprice

·         1 wedge of ripe watermelon (seedless)
·         1 tablespoon of lemon juice
·         A dash of vanilla extract
·         1 tablespoon of watermelon liqueur
Mix all ingredients and blend in a blender until smooth. Take another wedge of watermelon and cut out a small pyramid shape proportionate to your serving glass. Place the watermelon pyramid on the edge of the smoothie filled glass. Serve cold.

Blueberries And Black Tea Smoothie

·         Half a cup of frozen blueberries
·         2 cups of black tea – room temperature
·         A pinch of ginger
Mix, blend, serve. Note that fresh blueberries are always recommended over frozen ones. To add some vitamins to your smoothie you can mix in a tablespoon of lime or lemon juice before blending.

Garden Smoothie

·         Half a cup of chopped spinach
·         Half a cup of chopped green lettuce
·         1 green apple -medium, coarsely chopped
·         1 carrot, grated
·         1 tomato, sliced
·         2 cups of cold water
Mix all ingredients and blend until smooth. Beware that some green leaves might get stuck on the sides of your blender. Don’t bother blending them all if it seems to difficult. This smoothie contains complex carbohydrates and essential fiber, making it ideal as a morning drink.

California Citrus Smoothie

·         1 orange, peeled, cut into chunks
·         1 grapefruit, peeled, cut into chunks
·         1 mango, peeled, cut into chunks
·         Half a papaya, seeds removed, cut into chunks
·         1 tablespoon of lime juice
Mix and blend the ingredients until reaching even consistency. The juices from the fruit should be sufficient for achieving a smooth, even fluidity. If not, feel free to add some cold water and mix again for best results. This drink is best served with a wedge of lime at the edge of the glass, as seen in many fine California bars and restaurants. 

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie With Soy Milk And Almonds

·         1 ripe banana, loosely cut into chunks
·         100-200 grams of fresh/frozen strawberries
·         2 cups of Soy milk
·         50 grams of almonds, crushed
Mix well and blend until reaching the desired consistency. Note that if you don’t crush the almonds the right way, you will be left with big chunks which would ruin the elegance of your smoothie. Crushing your almonds using a cloth and a hammer is the best way to go.

 Cocoa-Coconut Smoothie

·         1 tablespoon of raw cocoa powder
·         1 bar of low-carb dark chocolate
·         2 cups of unsweetened coconut water
·         1 ripe banana, cut into chunks
·         Coconut flakes
Mix the coconut water with the bar of chocolate and the banana. Add half a tablespoon of the cocoa powder and blend. Mix the coconut flakes and the rest of the coca and garnish the edge of your serving glass by gently rubbing the edges of the glass with the coconut flakes and cocoa.
Author Bio: Connie Jameson is passionate freelance blogger keen on topics about health and health issues. She currently works a part time job at carpet cleaning North London but her dream is to become a doctor.