Drop-dead Gorgeous: 5 Most Dangerous Diet Fads

In a society that places a high value on appearance, it can be easy to be mesmerized by the latest diets that guarantee quick weight loss that requires a minimal amount of effort. For those who are desperate to attain a slimmer figure, many have easily succumbed to the dangerous health effects of certain fad diets that can wreck havoc on internal organs and the metabolism. Here are 5 of the most dangerous diet fads out there.

1. The Cabbage Soup Diet

Hailed as an easy and quick way to lose weight, the Cabbage Soup Diet boasts an efficient way of shedding pounds in as little as a week by only eating vegetables, fruits, and cabbage soup. Although it’s known to work, it cuts out essential nutrients that are found in other food groups and only sheds water weight, which can easily lead to dehydration. The high sodium content of the soup and lack of protein often leave adherents feeling light-headed or weak.
2. HCG Diet
Perhaps one of the latest diet fads that is increasing in popularity, the HCG Diet is dangerous as it limits the calorie intake so severely that exercise is not recommended. The diet also requires injections of the human choriogonadotropin hormone, which is associated with pregnancy, to stimulate weight loss. Unfortunately, all of this can lead to muscle loss and a lack of vitamins to start.  It is also known to create restlessness, headaches, and depression in users. Unfortunately, the unnatural use of the hormone can even cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome leading to death in rare cases.
3. Tapeworm Diet
Perhaps one of the most extreme diets, the Tapeworm Diet involves parasites or tapeworms to be used to promote weight loss without having to limit food intake. This is one of the most dangerous practices as it can easily lead to infections, muscle damage, and extreme abdominal pain, which can require participants to visit a Family Doctor in Winter Haven to get rid of the dangerous parasite.
4. The Grapefruit Diet
Grapefruit is known as a fat-burning natural food item due to the Vitamin C and Vitamin A that it contains. The diet requires other foods to be cut out, which includes non-starchy vegetables, black coffee, and most meats for a diet that has existed since the 1930s. Although it can cause the body to lose weight, experts have suggested that there can be complications when also using medication on the diet due chemicals in the grapefruit that block enzymes that work to break down pills. This has been known to lead to higher estrogen levels and blood clots.
5. The Baby Food Diet
This diet involves eating pureed food that is meant for children that contains both fruits and vegetables. Although the taste is not too disheartening, the diet is not sustainable and can easily work to weaken the immune system due to improper nutrition. It is also known to be deficient in fiber, which is an essential nutrient especially needed by women.
Many people are willing to go to extreme lengths to attain the figure and weight they’ve always wanted. Although some of these extreme methods can most definitely lead to temporary weight loss, it can also mean damaging your overall health for repercussions that can be difficult to repair. Your best bet is always going to be the old-fashioned method of combining a well-balanced diet with a regular workout routine. So skip these 5 dangerous fad diets, grab a carrot, and hop on the treadmill!