Does homeopathy and asthma go hand in hand?

Asthma affects people across different age groups and different wakes of life. What is more alarming is that the global world has witnessed a steady increase of asthmatic patients with each passing year. It is known to occur when the small bronchial air passage of the lungs tends to become inflated. The hallmark is wheezing and patients face difficulty in breathing. Babies in their first year children are more prone to wheezing due to the prevalence of small air passages. As they grow older, the air passages tend to enlarge and the wheezing stops. On the flip side, almost 50 % of the cases of asthma are found in children below 10 years of age. So it is advisable not to overlook the condition of your child as it could pave way for chronic illness.

Symptoms and causes

In case of children, nocturnal cough may be the only symptom and in the indrawn lower vertebra on inspiration may be visible. The common causes of asthma could be
·         A strong family history of the incidence of the occurrence of this disease
·         Respiratory infection which tends to be viral.
·         In the case of children, nocturnal attacks are associated with pets and house dust mites in the room of the child.

Treatment modules

The conventional mode of treatments helps one in palliating the asthma attacks and helps one as long as they take them. On the negative side, the body in no way strengthens its approach to allergens, and, in this process, one tends to become dependent on the medicines for a life time.

Homeopathy for asthma in children

Asthma is a medical condition, which is termed as chronic, and, at the same time, incurable in nature. However, it can be cured if treated with proper medicines. Recent history has shown that children who are using homeopathic treatment have shown encouraging and chronic results. If one is heavily dependent on inhalers, homeopathy will help one to fight the allergens and one tends to become less dependent on the allergens, as well. In the midst of these conditions such as poor response to climatic changes, skin infection or cold can be effectively cured during the course of the treatment.
How this is achieved is indeed a billion dollar question? A constitutional approach capable of influencing the following factors is prescribed
·         The family history of the patient
·         The personal health history of the patient
·         The present status of the physical symptoms
Advantages of homeopathic treatment
·         Boosts the response of the immune system, which makes the child less prone to infections as well as attacks.
·         Minimum side effects and at the same time easy to administer
·         One can treat the disease early, before it has progressed to danger levels
In hindsight, asthma is a chronic disease and there is no clear cut treatment for it, but the key is to get to the root of the problem and try to cure it.
Author’s Bio
The author is a well known homeopathic doctor who has been associated with the DRS Health Centre Group for a considerable period of time.