Deciding Between Dental Implants and Dentures

If you are having problems where you have missing teeth as a result of neglect, dental hygiene issues or a medical condition, you may feel embarrassed about it and do not open your mouth much to talk or smile because of it. You should know that there are viable options available to you that can help you fix the problem to get your mouth back to normal. Many people are aware of both dentures and dental implants but may not realize that there are significant differences between the two even though they may serve a similar purpose. You will want to decide between dental implants and dentures to see which the best choice is for you overall.

For many people dentures may be the best option for them on several levels. If you have more than one missing tooth, it may be easier for you to be fitted with a good pair of dentures to cover the area. The dentures can be made to fit you and match your existing teeth and you can then have more than one tooth taken care of all at once. With implants, it is often a one at a time procedure that needs to be done and can take a long time to accomplish if you have several teeth in a row that you need to replace. 
Dentures will also cost you a lot less when compared to most dental implants. There is much more involved in the dental implant process than with dentures and for each implant each tooth needs to be individually sculpted and then requires a surgical procedure to insert the implant into the root of the missing tooth. This alone can add up to quite a cost for most patients. While dentures are a cheaper option often, there are varying levels of dentures that range in quality that can cost a lot more for some people depending on what they want for their mouths.
The bonus side of dental implants lies in the way they look and feel. Dental implants show just how far technology has come in recent years as a new tooth that looks and feels identical to your old teeth can be crafted just for you and placed into your mouth. They can match the rest of your mouth much better and there is never the worry of the teeth coming out as you may have with dentures since the implant is done right into the root and bone in your mouth, giving you a much more permanent solution than dentures.
As far as overall look and feel go, dental implants are a great option for most people. They can provide you with a much more permanent, long-term solution than dentures can. While they will often cost more for the process, the final results that you achieve will look and feel better for you over dentures. If you are unsure about the procedures and have questions regarding more of the pros and cons where dentures and dental implants are concerned, discuss everything at length with your dentist to get the best and most informed answers that are suited to your needs.
Author Bio: Dr.Gary Moore a premier Colorado Spring dentist and owner of Stetson Hills Dental. He believes that dental patients should have a comfortable experience when having their dental services.