Combat Hair Loss through Awareness

Baldness or hair loss is very normal problem affecting millions of people all around the world both men and women. The age, extent or the pattern of baldness may differ due to various reasons but it exist every part of the world. Undoubtedly, it is found in males more than the females and even it starts earlier in males around the age of 30 than in females i.e. after 45 years of age. The location, climate, and environment don’t matter for this problem. We can found it anywhere so is same for all living in any part of the world.

The causes of hair loss in men and women are nearly same and those are:
          Thinning of hair
          Hormone imbalance
          Side effects of drugs and medicines of some diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc.
          Serious illness or major surgery (example cancer)
          Fungal infection in scalp
          Stress and hypertension
         Excessive use of products having chemical components like hair color, shampoo, conditioners etc.
          Poor food and nutrition intake, nutrition deficiency
          Air and water pollutants
Other than above reasons, one of the causes of hair loss in women is due to the post-pregnancy effects. And, sometimes baldness is inherited or genetic too.
It is found that both males and females have a different pattern of balding. Some of the common types we are familiar with are thinning of hairs (mainly found on females) where the front hairline looked fine but hair goes thinner over the head. Androgenetic alopecia, happened due to genetic reasons, where a bald patch forms on a part of the head (normally on top of the head). Trichotillomania when hair breaks due to unnecessary pulling (roughly combing, tight hairstyles) lead to loss of hair.
Some tips to prevent baldness
Nutritious Diet: It is very important to have nutrition in the diet specially add iron rich food. Avoid the intake of junk food frequently; this may harm not only the scalp but overall health too. Add lots of water intake in the routine this will help with the hydration.
Avoid Stress: It is very important to feel and stay happy in every situation. Hypertension and anxiety give rise to other health problems including hair loss.
Avoid Chemicals: Do not use products containing harmful chemicals on the hairs by frequently coloring your hairs or applying unusual hair look with different styles. Also, do not bend or style your hair tightly with artificial equipment like done in ponytail and bridal styles.
Bad combing habit: Treat your hair smoothly while brushing, drying after a wash. If, possible try to dry your hair naturally rather than using hair dryers (they harm the scalp very badly).
Treatments for Hair Loss
The treatment is moreover depends on the cause of baldness and vary from person by person. It is not possible to reverse the effect of baldness completely but some ways are there to lessen the effect. It is advised to have a professional suggestion to choose the way of treatment rather than running after fake advertisements.