Cold Water Rinse and Their Benefits

There are a lot of hair care myths being circulated around in the industry leaving men and women alike to wonder which of these are true. But there is one so-called myth that had been most persistent – rinsing your hair with cold water. It is believed that rinsing your hair with cold water can give it a shiny finish. Is this true? And if it is, are there more benefits that you can get with a cold water rinse aside from more lustrous shine to your hair?

Read on to find out why it’s worth braving the cold water in the shower and what good it can do for your hair.
It seals in moisture
Exposing your hair to lukewarm water when you shower will open up the cuticles to allow the conditioning agents from your conditioner to work on the hair. Hence, it is important that you finish off with a cold water rinse in order to close the cuticles back and help to seal it so that the moisture remains locked within the strands. This process contributes to keeping your hair looking sleek and moisturized for as long as possible.
It protects the hair strands
The hair and skin comes with a natural protective layer of oil known as sebum. Whereas washing your hair with hot water can cause that sebum to dry up, thus clogging your pores, washing hair with cold water can reduce buildup so that nothing clogs up your pores. This is why cold water shower is highly commended for its benefits and aid in keeping hair strands elastic and vibrant. On a larger scale, elastic strands means less hair fall.
It reduces frizz
Exposing your hair to hot water can strip off the natural oils produced by your scalp. Thus, limiting use of hot water shower can significantly fight off appearance of frizz as cold water rinse smooth the cuticle layer of the hair. In addition to a smoother external layer that fight off frizz, cold water also strengthens the structure of the hair so it is less likely to become frizzy and to break down due to climactic factors.
It gives hair a shiny appearance
The effect of a cold water rinse is the same as blasting your hair with cold air post-blow dry. It happens as the cool air (or cold water) smoothens the hair cuticles and give them a smooth appearance on the surface. As the cuticles smoothen out, it also gives that shiny finish to your hair.
One of the reasons why some people think that the benefit of gettingshiny hair from cold water rinse is a myth is because their use of heat styling tools negates the benefits they are supposed to enjoy. If you just rinsed your hair with cold water in the shower, refrain from using hot tools such as a blow dryer or flat iron after you shower. Allow your hair to air dry in order to maintain the shiny appearance.
Do you practice rinsing your hair with cold water? What effects have you noticed in your hair (if any)?
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