Are you aware of the nutrition level monitoring tool for your grandparents?

According to the latest research, near about 81% of the elderly patients aresuffering from nutrition-related health issues. So, it’s really essential for the elderly people to go for a health check up to monitor the nutritional level. These elder people often go forobjective tests such as anthropometric, biochemical and clinical testing. These tests are not only difficult to conduct, but also they do not provide accurate results. If you’re staying with yourgrandparents, then try to keep health monitoring tools for immediate result. Here is a brief review on various health monitoring tools that you can check from:


Nutritional Form for the Elderly (NUFFE):

TheNUFFE covers fifteen items that is inclusive of the diet, history and a general assessment. This tool is designed by and it has proved to be effective in detecting nutrition problems in senior people. This tool is preferred by a large number of people and most of the patients are satisfied with its result.
Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA): This is considered to be a popular tool among the elderly people. This health monitoring tool is beneficial for anthropometric measures and assessing nutritional deficiency in the body. People may come across question when they use the tools and the answers are evaluated to judge their risk fornutritional problems. This tool helps to track different malnutrition related problems like bruising, skin manifestation and thinning hair. The scores shown by this tool help to understand whether the elderly patient has lower or higher risk of malnutrition.
Resident Assessment Instrument: Most of the nursing homes use the Resident Assessment Instruments. This tool is used by nursing homes to detect the nutritional problems of the residents, including the elderly persons. Some of the important factors that areconsidered to analyze nutritional level are the history of weight loss and current weight & height. The level of malnutrition is analyzed by reviewing the quantity and the quality of the food consumed by the elderly patients.
Therefore, you need to keep in mind the names of the above mentioned three health monitoring tools for tracking the nutritional level of yourgrandparents. If you’re aware of the names of the tools, then youcan detect the problem immediately and consult a physician to solve it.