Alcohol & Exercise- An Unhealthy Combination

How many times would you have been tempted to hang out with your friends at the night club, but their timing could not have been wrong. As you are heading out of the gym, where you have literally slogged and sweated it out for a gruelling hour or so. And you would not want all that effort to go waste, due to this unwanted temptation. 

Well, probably that is the best choice you would be making, by avoiding to go for that all tempting late night drink session. As a matter of fact, an average pint of lager has around 240 calories and with a humble glass of white wine, it is around 130, just enough to add back all those difficult calories that you just tried to get off, of you. For instance, if you have slogged it out on the treadmill for half hour, then only two pints of your favorite lager is enough to load back the calories you just burnt through exercise. 
You must be aware that when you exercise your body dehydrates and loses its natural water. One way of replenishing your worn out body after exercise is, either by having a sports beverage or eating water-rich foods, fruits, etc. 
A fact about alcohol though, is it acts as a diuretic, which causes you to loose water from your body. So it is often suggested that one should consume more water after a heavy work out session to restore the normal water balance in your body. Instead if you plan to chug down a couple of beers and indulge in more glasses of wine, then your body would simply take longer time to re-hydrate, but of course this does not have any serious effect, or anything to worry about, other than, just adding more calories, thus nullifying the effect of a rigorous work out session that you just had. Now who would want to do that?
As you are aware, there are quite a lot of drawbacks of consuming Alcohol. The primary being, it affects your liver sometimes causing shortage of oxygen, which in turn affects the production of adenosine triphosphate synthesis (ATP). That is said to be a direct source of energy for your muscles. Alcohol also gets in the way of metabolizing carbohydrates used for energy. 
If you were to consume alcohol, right before you work out, it can hinder the circulation of glucose in your body, as stated by studies. Moreover, alcohol could cause your pancreas to secret its digestive enzymes inside itself, instead of routing it to the intestines, which can in turn lead to inflammation of the pancreas and also halt the transportation of key nutrients like folic acid, zinc and thiamin into the blood stream. So next time you think of sipping on gin or margarita either before or after your workout schedule, you might want to hold that thought.
Another fact about alcohol is that, the way it is absorbed in your body, it can reduce the amount of fat that you would have been able to burn while doing your rigorous exercise. You should be aware that, our body isn’t designed to store alcohol, so it tries to dispel it as quickly as possible. So while you mix alcohol and exercise, this would get in the way of the other processes that our body carries out including absorbing nutrients and burning fat. Alcohol slows down the burning of calories and also tarnishes the nutritional benefits we derive from healthy meals. 
It is also said, not to work out while we are dehydrated. So when you head to the gym after having consumed a nice amount of alcohol, you might want to wait it out for your body to replenish itself. Consuming alcohol also prolongs muscle recovery (due to decreased flow of blood to the muscles) and can also increase the risk of having heat related illnesses, like giving you a heat stroke. 
Studies have shown that, consuming alcohol also reduces the level of human growth hormone (HGH) that helps our body to build muscles. Thus nullifying and negating the whole purpose of exercising to have an attractive and fit body.
Bio: Morris York has been contributing his articles for several health-based blogs and works for Kamagra Shop as the editor-in-chief.