9 Ways To Take Care Of Your Fingernails

Have you noticed that having clean and healthy fingernails makes your hand appear to be graceful and elongated. And these nails are more than just a fashion statement. They reflect the condition of your general health. That’s why you need to take good care of them by always letting them stay in the best shape ever.One way of making sure that your nails are healthy is through cleaning and letting them dry at all times. If you need to cut them, you must use clippers or sharp nail scissors.

But there are other ways in which you can maintain your nails so that they stay in their desired shape. Furthermore, there are other things you need to watch out for when it comes to handling your nails, because your fingernails indicate your overall health. That means you must familiarize yourself with some signs and symptoms that alert you that it’s time to see the doctor.

When to see the doctor

1.If you notice dark patches under your nails, or a general discoloration in the way your nails look, then you must consult a doctor.
2. If they suddenly begin to change their shape, that is, you notice one of your nails is curling.
3.When they begin to thin or thicken, it could be a sign that something is wrong.
4.When your nails begin to isolate themselves from the surrounding skin.
5.When there is redness, pain or swelling around the nails.
6 When they bleed unnecessarily.
How to take care of your nails

1.Don’t be tempted to bite them
You must let your nails grow by themselves, and if there’s a need to cut them, you must use clippers as opposed to using your teeth. If you continue biting them, it reduces your chances of having that perfect fingernail. Furthermore, it may expose the nail bed and that leaves them prone to bacteria or fungal infections.
2.Use appropriate equipment when cleaning them
Cleaning is a general way of maintaining your nails. You’ll be able to get rid of dead skin, dirt or bacteria that could be lying under your nails. Using a nail brush is extremely important when cleaning them, especially for those people who are in the habit of biting nails.3.Biotin supplements
If you have weak nails, taking additional vitamin supplements will strengthen them. There are plenty of studies that have been carried out to show that these supplements are capable of strengthening weak nails.4.Use a moisturizer
When you moisturize your hands, the nails also feed in that moisture. Notice that your nail is a living thing, so it needs plenty of moisture to prevent hangnails and also keep your hands softer.

5.Avoid pulling hangnails
Don’t pull hangnails because this destroys healthy tissues around the nail bed. It may also cause your nails to look unsightly and invite infections which you are not ready to deal with.

6.Keep them dry
Again, exposing your nails to excessive moisture will cause your nails to grow brittle and even split. So you must wear gloves when washing dishes because it exposes your hands to water most of the time.

7.Wear gloves when handling chemicals
Strong chemicals such as bleaching agents may weaken your nails. That means you must wear something protective to keep your nails from getting exposed to these harmful chemicals. Gloves would be ideal for this purpose.

8.Apply clear-nail polish if you have brittle nails
Clear nail polish helps nails retain their natural moisture. If you want them paper-thin, you can use nail hardeners which contain fibers in their liquid content and this will help your nails tremendously.

9.Grow out your nails
Just like hair, long beautiful nails are desired by every girl. When they are long, you can decorate them the way you want, and you don’t have to go for the artificial ones. When you start growing your nails to your desired length, it may take months, so it will require a little bit of your patience. If you must wear ”fake nails”, you can use acrylic nails because these will not damage the natural underlying nails.

If you are looking for tips to keep your nails looking their best, you should start with the 9 tips above because they are the most basic ways of maintaining healthy fingernails. Fingernails that look their best will attract attention, and they boost your self-image as well. So take care of them.

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