9 Simple Exercises to Strengthen Lower Back

Do you often experience back pain? Perhaps it’s about time for you to try some strengthening activities. Here are top nine exercises that can help strengthen your lower back:
9. Lunge
Lunge is a type of exercise that can help improve your control over body movement which is important in protecting your spine during running, climbing and other daily activities.

With hands on your hips and gently contracting your abs, make a big step forward using your right foot. Then position your right knee at a 90-degree angle. Push back to the starting position without stopping. Do this procedure up to twelve times before switching to the other foot then repeat.
8. Hip Bridge
If you spend more time sitting down, it can put much pressure on your spine, giving you back pain at the end of the day. You can prevent or alleviate back pain by doing hip bridge exercises.
Lie down on your back with feet flat on the floor, knees bent and arms in a relaxed position. Slowly lift your hips while squeezing your buttocks to form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Slowly count up to two and then return to starting position and repeat the procedure. Do this up to 12 repetitions.
7. Side Plank
Side plank is an exercise that can help develop strength and endurance for your lower back during activities that require hip or back movement.
Lie down on your right side while using your forearm to rest, forming a straight line from feet to head. Your right elbow should be aligned under your shoulder. Lift your hips from the floor while maintaining the straight line. Your neck should also be aligned with the spine. Hold this position for up to 40 seconds and return to starting position then do the same procedure with the other side.
6. Bird Dog
The bird dog exercise helps improve muscle coordination and balance. It keeps the spine more stable during everyday movements such as walking, dancing, carrying heavy objects and others.
Position your body with your hands and knees on the floor while maintaining about half a foot distance in between the knees. Pull your belly toward the spine without arching your back or moving your hips. Extend your left leg back and your right arm straight ahead. Maintain this position for up to three seconds then do the same procedure with the other side. Do this routine five times for each side.
5. Knees-to-chest Stretch
One of the most basic exercises to strengthen your lower back is the knees-to-chest stretch. You can do this exercise when you take a break from long hours of sitting down to avoid back pain.
Lie down on your back while bending your knees with feet flat on the floor. With the use of both hands, pull up the right knee then press it to your chest for about 30 seconds. Return to starting position and do it again with your other knee. Do this routine for 15 minutes every day.
4. Rotational Stretching of the Lower Back
The rotational stretching of the lower back can alleviate back pain due to muscle tension and stiffness which normally result from prolonged periods of sitting down.
While lying on your back, bend your knees with your feet on the floor. While holding your shoulders steady on the floor, roll your knees to the right side. Maintain this position for up to ten seconds then return to the starting position and do it again on the left side. Repeat this stretching three times each session at least twice a day.
3. Bridge Exercise
Considered to be a useful in strengthening your lower back, the bridge exercise is another easy exercise that is useful for back pain prevention. 
Lie down on your back while bending both feet on the floor. Keep both hands on your chest. Raise your hips and form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold that position until a slow count of three. Return to starting position then repeat again. Do it as much as you can.
2. Cat Stretch
The cat stretch is one of the most popular exercises to strengthen lower back. It can also help increase lower back flexibility. But when doing this exercise, avoid stretching to the point of pain because it may cause injury to your back.
Position yourself with both hands and knees on the floor. Arch your back slowly as if pulling it toward the ceiling. Return to start position and do it again for up to five times each session preferably twice a day.
1. Lower Back Rotational Stretch while Sitting Down
Doing lower back rotational stretch while sitting down is another great exercise to relieve muscle stress and tension that may cause back pain.
Get a sturdy stool or chair to sit on. Cross your left leg over your right leg. Brace your right elbow with the outside part of your left knee then twist to the left side. Hold this position for up to 10 seconds and repeat for the other side. Do it at least three times on each side twice a day.
The exercises listed above are some of the simplest exercises to strengthen lower back. If you know of other lower back exercises that have been effective for you, please let us know.