8 Ways to Eliminate White Spots From Clothing- Dandruff

Some experts say that the most common problem that binds to the hair is the occurrence of dandruff, with this opinion also agree the dermatologists. Some people relate the hair root with its ends. What is this about?

It is known that the scalp and the hair are important parts of the body. This area can be damaged by the use of various chemical products. Therefore, we recommend to implement the following steps for the treatment of the crown of the head:

First: do not ignore the problems with dandruff and only scratch or rub the head (when you feel the itch). If we neglect this health problem, we may have to face the loss of hair on the scalp.
Second: wash the hair with resin shampoo more often. When you notice a problem, wash your hair every day, in order to regulate the condition of dandruff in the hair.
Third: dandruff shampoo to eliminate the use of the base resin. In cases where treatment is going hard to make the foam from shampoo resin, is applied to the hair and leave to stand for five to Ten minutes to shampoo offered a chance to act.
Fourth: resin shampoo should not be used by persons with blonde hair, because of some part of the hair, it can remain a dark color.
Fifth: make foam of anti-dandruff shampoos and apply it twice on the hair. The first time slips your fingers through your hair and leave the shampoo, give it enough time to react. The hair should be given all the time until the end of washing (should be washed last, after washing the rest of the body), and then rinse thoroughly. After that, quickly make foam of the shampoo, for the second time, and apply it on the hair. The shampoo that is applied for the second time will allow some healing substances from shampoo to act on the scalp.
Sixth: use the cap or towel to wrap your head during the bathing. After you apply the shampoo to the hair and make foam on it, put the cap on a wet head and leave it like that for an hour. After that he washes the hair as usual.
Seventh: use thyme. It is known that thyme has the effect to clean and relieve dandruff. It is used by cooking four tablespoons dried thyme for ten minutes in half a liter of water and then we will leave it to cool. Half of the liquid is applied on the hair after bathing and pay attention the liquid to reach the skin. Then gently massage the skin on the head, but don’t wash the hair.
Eighth: put oil on the vertex, despite the fact that a greater amount of the grease secreted by the skin on the scalp can sometimes cause problems. Using slightly heated oil while bathing, can lead to dandruff on the scalp. Then you have to take a few tablespoons of olive oil and gently heat it up, and then wet the hair. If the oil is not warmed up, it would just stick to the hair and not reach the skin on the scalp. So, use a comb or a piece of wool or linen cloth to ensure that the oil reaches the skin on the scalp. It is recommended to separate the hair, in order to ensure that the oil reaches every part of the skin on the head. Prepare a plastic cap, put it on your head and leave it for thirty minutes. After that, wash the head with anti-dandruff shampoo.