8 Things to Consider While Contouring and Highlighting Your Face

Contouring and highlighting can make cheekbones look amazing or skin glow or modify your features to create an illusion of a thinner nose or a smaller forehead. The right highlighting and contouring technique can attract attention to your best features. Feel radiant when you step out by keeping in mind these 8 handy tips while contouring and highlighting your face:

1. Learn to find the light
Study your face and try to discover where the light hits it when you’re involved in regular activities such as taking a photo or reading a book or just spending time with friends. This is the most essential factor in highlighting your best facial features. Usually, areas such as the T-zone, the bridge of the nose, just above or below the eyebrows, under the eyes, and under the chin catch the light better. This may vary from face to face since different people have different facial features. You should pay special attention to these common areas while highlighting.
2. What are your best features?
After you’ve discovered which areas of your face catch the light best, pinpoint your best features. It could be your shapely eyes, or pointed nose, or high cheekbones. These areas should be the focus when you apply makeup. You should use contouring and highlighting to enhance these features and make them pop.
3. Figure out your imperfections
Every face has some flaws, and before you can fix them, minimize them, or hide them, you have to know what they are! Your nose may be too broad, or you may have a thick chin, or your jaw could be a little too square. Use makeup cleverly to draw away attention from these areas, and focus it on the good features of your face. However, do not attempt to cover up imperfections with a lot of makeup because it only serves to attract unwanted attention.
4. Follow the contouring strokes
When contouring, use your brush to swipe bronzer in the shape of an “E” starting from the hair line above your eyebrow. The middle of the “E” comes at the hollow of your cheekbone, and the bottom of the “E” follows the line of your jaw. For highlighting, start under the top of the bronzed “E” and make a curved swipe in the form of a “C” to the top of your cheekbone.
5. Use cream bronzers and highlighters
Do not use powder-based bronzers and highlighters for contouring and highlighting. The use of cream-based products ensures a smooth, blended, and flawless finish. They also give a more natural end-result.
6. Apply makeup in layers
Begin by applying concealer to hide blemishes, fine lines, or dark circles. Next, apply a layer of foundation. The type of foundation can be cream, mousse, or liquid. After applying bronzer and highlighter, pat on a layer of powder. Retrace the “E” and the “C” and then apply another layer of powder. This will set the makeup and prevent slippage.
7. Blend well
The most important thing to remember while highlighting and contouring is that you should blend everything well to erase any traces of hard lines. If you do not blend well, the “E” and the “C” will be clearly visible. Use a clean brush or a makeup sponge to blend in the lines and move in small circular motions.
8. Choose the correct highlighter and contour cream
When picking out the right highlighter for yourself, choose something that is almost the shade of your skin, with a slight shine to it. Do not pick those tempting sparkling varieties because they can make your face look unnatural or chalky. For fair skin, a light pink tone or a pearly shade works best. For people with medium-to-dark complexions, a golden brown shade of highlighter is required. The effect should look natural and not pasty. 
Your contour cream should not stand out on your skin, or it will be obvious that you have applied it. If you have fair skin, use a shade that is one step darker than your skin tone. Contouring is essentially adding shadows in the right places on your face, so look for contouring creams that have a grayish cast and avoid red or orange-toned bronzers.
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