7 Secrets for Beating the Holiday Bulge

Holiday weight gain is a fear everyone faces. It’s hard to avoid a little excess bulge with so many sweet treats so readily available to enjoy. Cookies, pies, and everything are hard to resist. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can avoid gaining weight this holiday season.

Eat First 

With so many parties to attend, you probably don’t have time to eat between rushing home, changing, and heading to yet another event. However, if you avoid arriving hungry to holiday parties, you’ll eat far less at the snack table.

Since it’s not always possible to eat a full, healthy meal when you’re rushing, try replacing your meals with shakes found. They’re the perfect substitute for any meal as they’re designed to provide you with the essential nutrients you need at each meal. They just happen to be already portioned and easy to eat on the run. You won’t show up to any holiday party hungry after a shake.

Eat Slowly 

It’s often difficult to eat slowly when you’re in the midst of indulging in sweet holiday treats, but when you rush to eat you just eat more. Take your time while dining this holiday season. Converse with friends and family to help you slow down your meal so that it digests and fills you up faster.

Use Small Plates 

It’s a trick that works for many. Instead of grabbing the biggest plate at the party or buffet, grab the smallest. It forces you to limit yourself to smaller portions. This helps you avoid overeating and packing on the pounds.

Limit Empty Calories

One sneaky way you put on bulge is drinking your calories. Holiday drinks are loaded with empty calories. Additionally, the alcoholic beverages are going to make you forget how hungry you are not and cause you to eat more than you initially intended.

Eat Healthier Sweets

The holidays are all about sweets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid eating the unhealthy ones. If you’re throwing a party, skip the pies and offer your guests chocolate covered strawberries. The berry is the main portion and there’s very little chocolate. However, it satisfies your sweet tooth every time.

You can even go a step further and make your strawberries a little more festive by dipping them in white chocolate and drizzling them with a little more with chocolate that’s been dyed green to look as festive as the season.

Get Active 

Instead of driving around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights with the family, get out and walk. It’ll give you some extra exercise, burn more calories, and make you feel good about yourself this holiday season. If you can’t walk around different neighborhoods, try participating in winter activities that are enjoyable, such as skiing.

Write it Down

Sometimes you simply don’t realize just how much you overeat during the holidays. Instead of wondering why your pants feel tighter even though you’ve been good about eating all holiday season, write it down and know why your pants are tighter. A food diary will help you see that while you have been great about eating healthy, you’ve been dipping your hand into the office candy dish a bit too much or overindulging in the holiday toasts.

It is hard not to gain a little weight during a time in which so much good food and drink is being passed freely around. However, with a little motivation and a lot of attention to detail you can do it.