7 Common Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted

Laser hair removal has evolved as a great alternative to the conventional methods of hair removal. However, there have been lots of speculations about this technique, and with so many speculations, it has become extremely difficult for people to find the truth about it. If you’re wondering about the how safe or dangerous it is removal hair using this method, check out the following points.

Myth #1: It is not safe.
During laser hair removal process, lasers are drawn to pigment in hair. This means that the laser beam focuses on the hair follicle and base only, while leaving surrounding cells and your skin absolutely unharmed. Moreover, research has shown that there isn’t any long-term negative impact or side-effect of this process. In short, laser hair removal is very much safe.
However, to ensure maximum safety, make sure that you get it done by well-trained, experienced professionals. Right laser selection and setting is essential for smooth hair removal and this can only be given by technicians who have been well-trained in this process along with hands-on experience.
Myth #2: You are exposed to radiation.
Howard Burak, the president of the Permalaser Clinic in Montreal, states that laser does not emit radiation. Though radiation does exist between light barriers, it is restricted to that space of the machine and in no way is it harmful to the person undergoing this process.
Myth #3: It will accelerate hair growth.
Laser destroys hair follicles which slows hair growth. The important thing to note here is that hair growth is a completely natural process, and it differs from person to person. Otherwise baldness, which is more common in men, would have been common in females too. Laser can remove hairs but it cannot prevent growth of new ones. Hence, there is no way that this myth contains any truth.
Myth #4: It hurts a lot.
Once upon a time in the early nineties, laser removal did hurt. But it has come a long way since then and today, it is the least painful hair removal method of all. Minor prickling may occur that too in areas where hair is hard. But there is no need to scare yourself with this myth that it will make you scream and shout. In fact, if you have tolerated waxing, then you’ll find this one to be very much tolerable.
Myth #5: One Long session is enough.
Beware of any laser hair removal clinic that talks of giving you result overnight because one long session cannot make it happen. You’ll be able to see results within 5-6 treatments. Any person undertaking this process is asked to repeat treatments in every four weeks. It may take few months before you can see a flawless skin. But wise men say that patience pays. So, you’ll have to be patient if you want to get good results.
Myth #6: It is not meant for individuals with dark complexion.
It is true that laser hair removal process is affected by skin complexion, but it doesn’t mean that dark complexioned individuals cannot go for laser hair removal. There are special lasers that are meant for people with darker skin tones. These machines make laser hair removal equally effective for dark complexioned individuals as it is for fair complexioned ones.
Myth #7: It’s damn expensive.
Add the cost of buying a lifetime of electric shavers, shaving creams, wax and waxing strips, or the cost of lifetime of parlor visits (given your body hairs are back within a month). Compared to a lifetime investment along with the DIY hassle, laser hair removal is highly cost-effective. If done properly, effects of this hair removal technique can last you a lifetime, which means it is worth the investment.
By now, you must have realized that this technique does not have potential threats. However, to be on the safe side, it is advisable that you seek consultation from reputed clinic before going for laser hair removal.