6 Tricks For Perfect Eye Makeup

Perfect looking eyes add glamour and beauty to your personality. Your eyes are the first thing people notice when they meet you. Therefore, applying eye makeup in a right way is extremely important. The main goal should be to make the eyes large and lifted so that you look more awaken and beautiful. It is also important to understand that overdoing eye makeup may ruin your natural beauty. Therefore, keep it simple and appropriate to your complexion, face-cut and the shape of your eyes. Here are 6 tricks for perfect eye makeup from the experts around the world. 

1. Go beyond the black shade of eyeliner
Most women are found to use black eyeliners by default and never experiment with other shades. Choosing the correct shade of the eyeliner is important if you want to achieve the look that you sought after. If not applied in a correct way, black eyeliners can contribute in making your eyes smaller. Moreover, black eyeliners tend to be harsh for some women as it can be too intense for your skin tone and may not blend perfectly. Try shades of brown and turquoise, whichever goes well with your skin tone to line your eyes. It will add a dramatic look to your eyes and make them appear naturally beautiful.
2. Use eye shadows which complement your skin tone
If you are using bold and bright shades of eye shadows at all times, you are just ruining your natural beauty. Remember, makeup is effective in making you beautiful only when you apply it in a natural way. Always choose shades which are neutral and blends completely with your skin tone. In this way, you are just enhancing your beauty rather than creating a new you. You may use either one or two neutral shades to cover your eyelids. Shimmery shades of bronze and pearls can be applied for a brightening effect which makes the eyes more awaken. With the help of a brush dab some dark shades of eye shadow in the outer corners of your eyes and fill the lids with a lighter shade which is near to your complexion for a naturally beautiful look.
3. Take advantage of a sticky tape
It is quite logical that you are not an expert having years of experience over applying eye makeup and therefore things can go wrong. If you are finding it hard to apply eyeliner that sweeps over the outer corners of your eyes to give a cat eye look, here is an easy trick. Take a sticky tape of about one inch long and stick it upwards near the outer corners of your eyes so that it follows your lower lash line. Now start from the inner corners of your upper lash and extent the liner over the sticky tape. Gently remove the tape once you are done and the eyeliner is dry. You will get a perfectly done eye makeup without any mess.
4.  Avoid artificial lashes
Fake lashes can certainly make your eyes look wonderful, if you do not have naturally long lashes. But they generally tend to make you look unnatural to some extent. Also removing the falsies is a bit harsher on your natural lashes, which tend to break easily.  Here is a trick to make your lashes look long in a natural way. Use an eyelash curler to curl the lashes outward before applying mascara. If you want to add more length, you may further use the curler over the tips of your lashes to get perfectly open, wide and awakened eyes. Curling your lash pulls your eyeball outward making your eyes appear large.
5. Always use mascara for the perfect look
Skipping out the mascara would probably be the biggest mistake while applying eye makeup. Mascara helps in defining the lashes and makes them appear thick and long. It is also necessary to take proper care while applying mascara. Overdoing it may make your lashes look clumpy and ruin your natural beauty. Look downsides with your chin pointed upwards and apply the mascara using its wand from the base, sweeping it upwards to provide a natural curl. Also apply some on the lower lashes and curl them to make your eyes large. If your lashes are not black, try not to use black shades, instead use a shade which best complement your lash color. 
6. Keep experimenting for perfection
Practice is the biggest thing you need to do for a perfect eye makeup. Experiment with shades, try different thickness of liners and find out what looks best for you. Never overdo with your eye makeup and always try to be natural. Remember, makeup should not be used to change how you look, but it should be used to enhance your natural beauty.
Author Bio:
Joecy Parker is an Online Consultant for MoleRemoval – www.moleremoval.net. Joecy likes to Blog about Health, Beauty and Skin care. You can contact her via Twitter