6 Remedies to Help You Recover from Cancer Treatments

The treatments for cancer can be just as bad as or worse than the symptoms associated with cancer itself. Finding ways to deal with the side effects is beneficial for having a better recovery. Check out these five remedies for dealing with cancer treatment side effects.

Exercise is extremely beneficial if you are struggling with the side effects of cancer treatment. Exercise helps to reduce the physical pain associated with treatment by strengthening your body and improving flexibility. It also helps by improving your overall mental well-being. This helps with depression and anxiety. As a result, when you are less depressed, your threshold for pain increases. Make sure to speak with your doctor first to find out how much and what type of exercise would be good for you.
Alternative Medicine
Alternative medicines such as chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy are three great ways to help with the side effects of cancer treatment. Chiropractic can help reduce some of the pain you are experiencing, while acupuncture can deal with nearly any side effect, such as nausea, pain and fatigue, based on where the needle is placed. Massage also helps with reducing pain, but it is also relaxing, reducing stress and anxiety.
Rent or Buy Medical Equipment
Another alternative to medicine can be buying or renting medical equipment, especially after any major surgery or cancer treatments. For example, you might consider buying a ventilator to help with your breathing right after a major lung surgery or if you have just been treated for lung cancer. You can find the necessary equipment at places like Med One Capital or other companies that sell or rent out medical equipment.
Physical Therapy
To help deal with many of the physical symptoms of cancer treatment, consider physical therapy. It helps with pain, reduced bone density, reduced muscle strength, fatigue, difficulty walking, difficulty sleeping and other side effects. By keeping your body strong during cancer treatment, you have less complications, such as infection.
Exercise Your Brain
A common symptom of chemotherapy treatment is chemo brain, which causes you to forget things easily, have a tough time concentrating and have a tough time multi-tasking. Exercising your brain through the use of puzzles, crosswords, learning something new or taking a class can help keep your brain healthy and reduces the symptoms of chemo brain.
The side effects of chemotherapy are not only physical. They are mental too. If you are suffering from anxiety, fear and depression, therapy is a great tool. Therapy can help you talk about what you are going through and deal with your emotions in a healthy and healing way. With a positive and happy mind, you will have an easier time dealing with the physical side effects of your treatment.
Cancer treatment affects your body and mind, but there are remedies to help reduce the side effects. If you are going through cancer treatment, talk to your doctor to find out if these remedies could work for you.