5 Smart Ways to Treat & Escape Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a vicious fungus that can keep spreading if it’s not treated properly. Because it is hard to get rid of entirely, many people suffer from athlete’s foot on a long term basis. Here are some ways that you can escape the cycle and be rid of athlete’s foot once and for all.

Don’t Scratch

It’s tempting to scratch, but you really shouldn’t. Scratching gets the fungus into your finger nails, where it can then be transferred to other toes of certain other parts of the body. Besides, scratching creates more of an infection and prolongs the illness. Try to distract yourself from the itchiness or apply gentle pressure to alleviate some of the uncomfortable feelings.

Keep Your Toes Dry

Fungus like to live in moist and warm environments, like the cracks in between your toes. If you thoroughly dry your toes each time you get them wet, you create less of an appealing environment for the fungus. Try to let your toes breathe as much as possible, such as by wearing sandals instead of tennis shoes with gym socks. Be sure to wipe in between the toes after you shower or go for a swim.

Throw Out Old Socks

If you have gotten rid of athlete’s foot after a struggle, you may consider throwing out your old socks. Dirty old socks may still have some of the fungus present in them, waiting to take advantage for a second time. Many people don’t think to treat their socks with caution, and the fungus simply reinfects the body when the conditions are right.

Use an Antifungal Cream

There are some pretty powerful over-the-counter medicines that can take care of your athlete’s foot. Note that with these creams, it’s important to apply the cream regularly and for the amount of time specified on the tube. Otherwise, the treatment is incomplete and the fungus will likely come right back.

Seek Professional Treatment

If nothing else is working, seek out the help of a professional to give you stronger medications or tips on how to change your lifestyle. If you attend an associated foot center in Culver City, or any city for that matter, you could make a quick appointment to see why your home treatments for athlete’s foot aren’t working.

All in all, many of us have dealt with athlete’s foot at some point or another. Some treatments can be successful, while other times the fungus seems to never go away. This can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Try the steps above to get rid of athlete’s foot and have it stay gone.