5 Reasons You Need To Get Your Teeth Cleaned This Holiday Season

Everyone enjoys a bright smile and the feeling that comes with a healthy mouth. However, the majority of people do not enjoy what is required to have that feeling on a regular basis. Good oral health and the brightest smile possible requires regular brushing and a visit with your dentist for cleaning. On top of the boost in your mood, there are five very good reasons to have your teeth cleaned on a regularly.

Pearly Whites

The cleaning that the dentists at Mountain View Dental Cliniccan provide leave your teeth much cleaner and whiter than conventional brushing alone. Regular cleaning removes materials that cause stains over time, dimming your smile’s whiteness. Additionally, brushing rarely removes all the plaque and tartar that build up in the mouth. Only cleanings a dentist can provide are 100 percent thorough.

Gum Disease Prevention

Gum disease is the number-one cause of tooth loss in adults. Regular cleanings drastically lower risks of losing teeth or developing illnesses due to the build-up of materials that can quickly lead to gum disease. Cleanings also give dentists opportunities to catch dental problems and offer solutions before they become too advanced.

Tooth Decay

This condition can advance without real signs of pain. Having a regular cleaning also gives your dentist the opportunity to keep an eye on each tooth, guarding against decay that may be the result of tartar or acids. Often, by the time a person feels any pain from decay, the problem has already become a serious issue that must be addressed.

Oral Cancer

Your dentist can be the first line of defense when it comes to deadly conditions. Even individuals who do not smoke or use tobacco products can be at risk for oral cancer. The risk factors for developing oral cancer are numerous. These include the HPV virus. However, when diagnosed early through checkups that include cleanings, the problem can be managed.

A Total Plan for Health

Every person should have long-term dental plans with their dentist that ensure total health. Plans should have a heavy emphasis on preventative care, including regularly-scheduled cleanings. Dental health is also linked to the overall health of the body, making care for your teeth and gums all that more important.
Complete health depends upon complete care of your body from the gums down to the toes. Your dentist is there to work with you in order to ensure you health, giving you the brightest smile possible in the process.