5 Overlooked Health Problems You Need To Fix

It’s not uncommon for people to assume that if they feel okay that nothing’s wrong. Unfortunately, there are a variety of insidious problems and diseases that may hide within the body and not be obvious. Some of those problems include the following:

1. Heart disease

Often called a “silent killer,” heart disease remains the largest killer of women in the United States and is a danger worldwide. Although rates of heart disease have fallen sharply in the past few decades in men, heart disease rates in womenhave risen. There are many healthy habits that people can use to lower heart disease risk, but many people don’t adopt those habits until they’ve already been diagnosed.

2. High cholesterol

Many people who have high cholesteroldue to diet and hereditary issues don’t realize that their health could be in significant danger. Doctors often give people advice on lowering cholesterol and eating healthfully, but high cholesterol is a worldwide problem. People have the opportunity to stop heart disease in its tracks by reducing cholesterol, but many people don’t try to lower their numbers until a heart attack.

3. Oral cancer

Oral cancer is a danger for people who smoke and chew tobacco; however, this type of cancer is an insidious disease because it may impact people who’ve never lit a cigarette. Someone who has a sore throat for several weeks might think they simply have a persistent cold, but this symptom could be a signal that a trip to the doctor is needed. Dr. Robert Stonerhas a wealth of knowledge he can share with you about oral health, and you can visit him at his Indianapolis family dentistry office to learn more about what you can to manage your oral health correctly. 

4. Gum disease

It has often been said that the health of the teeth offers clues to the overall health of the body. In addition, healthy teeth and gums may mean the difference between an active retirement and one spent unable to eat and converse normally. Gum disease and periodontal issues aren’t always obvious until the mouth starts to hurt, which might be too late to save teeth or reverse gum damage.

5. Schistosomiasis

Health professionals see this obscure-sounding disease in low income communities who don’t have access to clean water. This deadly parasite lives in fresh water and causes stunted growth and fatigue. The disease can also make it difficult for a sufferer to deal with other dangerous diseases like tuberculosis and malaria.
Problems like heart disease can linger and grow for years before they’re caught. Regular checkups from doctors and dentists are essential for catching diseases and illnesses that might not be apparent until it’s too late.