5 Natural Appetite Suppressants Food That Can Help You Lose Weight

When people want to lose weight they turn to diet pills, fat blockers and potent appetite suppressants. But there are better ways for you to fight against fat. You can exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and eat appetite suppressant food. 
Appetite suppressant food helps to keep your weight in check. These suppressants are natural and provide your body with the required nutrients to lose weight without relying on any artificial process. Here are 5 natural appetite suppressant foods that can help you lose weight in months.

Pine Nuts
Pine nuts are hunger suppressants. The oil from these nuts contains twin hormones known as glucagons and CCK.  These hormones are released 30 minutes after they have been consumed. They are known for curbing appetites. Pine nuts can keep hunger at bay for an additional 4 hours. You can sprinkle pine nuts on pasta or salad.
Apples are a healthy source of food and contain pectins and fiber that help reduce hunger pangs naturally. An apple has over 70 calories. This makes it the perfect snack in between meals. You can eat an apple raw or bake in an oven adding a little bit of brown sugar, nutmeg or cinnamon.
Eggs are great sources of protein. And they come in handy as natural appetite suppressants because they contain over 60 calories. You cannot go wrong with a simple egg for breakfast or veggie omelet for lunch.  They are filling and extremely nutritious.
Beans are high in fiber and protein. And because of this they pass through the digestive system much slower than other foods. This process helps to suppress hunger. Unfortunately, beans intake produces plenty of gas that can have you burping or farting in uncompromising places. If you want to take beans ensure that you use a beano tablet to curb the stomach gases as well.
Broccoli is high in fiber and helps to keep hunger in check. It also aids digestion because it is a vegetable. You can eat broccoli separately from your main meal or add it with regular food like rice, spaghetti or veggie salads.
Some people are emotional eaters. When they are sad, angry or depressed they eat and eat. They eat when they are not hungry and snack immediately after meals. It is important to avoid these wrongful habits because they can count for something regrettably in future. Be healthy and eat healthy.