5 Healthy Nutritious Recipes in less than 12 Minutes

We use to consume food to get the essentials for the body which makes it healthy and tend to work properly. It is observed that people become very conscious about what they are eating from last few years. People are aware of calories, fat and the nutritious value of their diet. This doesn’t mean that they are not interested in the taste and presentation of the food. Actually people are becoming wise and choosy while eating whether it is just a dinner or a holiday trip. One cannot fool them by serving anything saying it the cuisine of the region. So, the point is, how to come out of the routine meals and as the recipes are with old tastes? The answer is, by adding few tastes and ideas you can change the food. Here are some tips to enhance the meals in minutes and convert it into nutritious and delicious recipe.

Grill Sandwich: We usually make sandwich in few minutes while feeling hungry, you can make it healthy too. Make a mixture of goat cheese (two slices), a pinch lemon zest and honey. After mixing it carefully and spread it over bread slices. Add one tsp. of finely chopped basil and two tsp.

fig preserves and cook it on sandwich maker or grill on a pan around three minutes. A nutritious quick sandwich is ready to serve.

Soup: Soup is generally served before meal; here is a recipe which can be prepared in minutes. Boil one cup of freshly chopped vegetables, some flakes of crushed red pepper, and a tbsp. olive oil with 1½ cup of water (add more water if you like). Cook it well until the vegetables become soft. Serve it with fresh cream or some butter.
Tomato Omelet: Spread cooking spray on a pan warmed on medium heat. Pour the mix of three egg whites, salt, pepper and some water. Put some cheese, fresh chopped tomatoes and spinach over it. Cook it for three to four minutes on medium heat, fold in half and serve with bread and a cup of coffee.
Cereals with almonds: We usually ignore cereals but they are the best source of nutrition and ready in few minutes. First of all, slice the almonds and some fresh berries for taste into medium size. Took a bowl full of milk and add yogurt, cereals, almonds, honey, lemon zest and fresh berries. This cup of cereals with milk provides sufficient energy for long hours.
Spinach Pizza: If you are having cold and raw pizza slices left after the lunch don’t ignore them, you can make them nutritious and ready to eat. Collect broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, onion and chopped them into sufficient size. Spread pesto, and use broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, onion as toppings. Put enough amount of mozzarella cheese and broil pizza slices in microwave or pre-heated oven for three to four minutes. It will be ready to eat. 
You can also invent new recipes with leftovers and with little efforts make it a nutritious food which can be prepared in minutes and never harm the health.