5 Fun & Physical Activities to Keep Children Healthy

Keeping your children active is increasingly important as the number of kids experiencing obesity soar. While schools are promoting the concept of physical fitness more than ever, it is a truth that good habits start at home. Here are a few activities children will love that keep them fit at the same time.
1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises for your body because it works out so many different muscles at the same time. It also helps to increase your flexibility and endurance. Children will benefit from
swimming lessons in NYC in more ways than one. Not only does it keep them fit, but it also teaches them a potentially life-saving skill.
2. Running

You may be hard-pressed to encourage a child to simply run for health reasons so you have to turn it into a game. Tag is among the best ways of encouraging children to run. One child chases the rest as ‘It’ until he or she taps another child. Racing is another great way to get children to participate in physical activity. Everybody loves competition, even if there is no prize to be won. Most kids will not even realize that they are exercising while they play.
3. Dancing

Dancing offers an amazing workout no matter the style. If you are trying to encourage an increase endurance and stamina, dancing that incorporates a lot of spinning and jumps will give children a boost. On the other hand, ballet can increase flexibility tremendously. Additionally, tumbling and yoga also provide an opportunity to discuss flexibility. Turn on some music and encourage the kids to get silly!
4. Tennis

There is no need to teach kids all the rules associated with tennis. It is more than enough to simply pass the ball back and forth. Chasing after the ball can provide a stamina boost and hitting the ball helps with hand-eye coordination. Plus, playing tennis is a great bonding experience. You can have conversation and play at the same time.
5. Strap on Some Wheels

Many activities are not necessarily strenuous but still offer a lot of health benefits. Bicycling is among the most popular of these activities but children can also ride scooters, skateboard or skate on rollerblades.

For some children, physical activity comes naturally. Other children may need more coaxing to play outside. Either way, encouraging your children to participate is the beginning of establishing healthy patterns.