5 Business That Can Help You Through Your Work Injury

Accidents happen, and it is important to know at least five businesses that can help you through your work injury. Make sure to report the work-related accident and injury to your employer as soon as possible. Then, seek out medical treatment from a physician. Failing to report a work-related accident may make getting time off to attend to the injury or injuries sustained at work. Some employers try to deny their workers needed time or benefits if they do not know when or how the accident happened. Then, seek out the services you need, including:

Hospital or Doctor’s Office

An accident at work may create the need to visit the hospital. An accident may require emergency room care, in-patient tests or diagnostics, surgical care, or treatment for wounds, burns, broken bones, or lacerations. Some injuries create short or long-term disability. Obtaining the care needed, as soon as possible, is the worker’s right. Workers compensation benefits helps the injured worker and his or her family to make it through a difficult time, according to “Workers Compensation Laws and Regulations: 2012-2013.”

Functional medicine or physical therapy providers

In some cases, an individual’s work-related injuries will not show up on diagnostic tests, such as x-rays. Joseph Matthews (“How To Win Your Personal Injury Case,” 2012) says that doctors or medical providers at the hospital can often verify pain and injury even if no broken bones or immediate trauma are apparent. In other cases, the individual may have multiple injuries. For example, a broken wrist is an obvious injury, but so-called soft tissue injuries may require physical therapy to help the individual heal. Medical providers usually refer the patient to physical therapists. Not all medical insurance policies cover physical therapy or functional medical specialists.

Confidential Employee Benefits Programs

Many employers offer their employees a dedicated workers’ concerns hotline at no cost. These programs, apart from employees’ paid benefits, help individuals or family members to identify additional resources as needed, such as after a work-related injury.

Financial Adviser

After a work-related injury happens, the individual or family may need additional financial resources to obtain medical care, housekeeping, or nurse’s aide assistance. A banker, stockbroker or other financial adviser can help the injured person make the best choices. For example, taking money directly from a retirement account can trigger penalties and early termination charges, writes J. K. Lasser. (“J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax,” 2013) The financial adviser might help the person structure a loan on retirement funds to prevent the need for additional charges.

Personal Injury Attorney

Not all personal injury attorneys are ideal for all employees. For example, federal employees require a specialist attorney. Harris Federal represents federal employees throughout the United States. They are experienced in helping employees of the U.S. government obtain Federal Workers Compensation or Federal Disability Retirement benefits. Of the five businesses that can help you through your work injury, engaging the services of an attorney may have the greatest bottom line impact.