5 All Natural Tips for Freshening Your Breath

Bad breath can affect everyone in many ways. An important meeting or interview can be ruined by the effects of odor from the mouth. Prescription breath freshening agents may work, but they are often expensive and invasive to other aspects of overall health and wellness for those seeking a more natural approach.

Baking Soda

Besides being an excellent occasional mild abrasive for reducing plaque, baking soda can reduce acidity in the mouth so that bacteria finds the mouth less inviting. Sprinkle a bit on the toothbrush every other time to reduce plaque and bacteria.

Using Companion Herbs

Herbs are a highly powerful component to naturally freshen breath. Some herbs are are also excellent protocol for keeping breath fresh for the long-term.

·      Parsley & Anise

What do Parsley and Anise have in common? They both smell good and have the capacity to reduce the bad bacteria in the mouth that cause foul odors. Anise and Parsley are known to add strong flavor to foods. A little-known fact is that the oils in anise and chlorophyll compounds in parsley can reduce bacteria in the mouth.
·      Mint & Fennel

These herbs can be used together to force the natural action of the saliva to freshen breath. Swallowing mint can also have a lasting effect on breath.

Tongue Scraping

The tongue can build up skin cells and bacteria throughout the day. Scraping the tongue in the morning and evening allow saliva and natural enzymes in the mouth to reduce bacteria and plaque. Dentists such as Dr. Patel, from Active Dental will often recommend this natural way to cleanse the mouth.

Tea Tree Oil

This natural oil is found from a native Australian tree and has numerous antiviral and antibacterial benefits. The oil should not be placed directly on the brush. Mix the oil in 1-2 drops in the toothpaste or purchase a tea tree-based toothpaste.

Avoid Stress

Believe it or not stress has a powerful effect on the entire digestive system and enzymatic action of the mouth over time. Practicing natural stress relieving techniques and avoiding stimulants can allow the natural flora in the digestive system to do its job correctly and reduce bad breath.

Practicing natural techniques for dental health can have long-lasting benefits. The costs are lower and the dentist will appreciate the investment in making oral hygiene easier to manage.