3 Reasons Why Artesian Water is the Healthiest Water for Your Body

With 60 percent of the human body composed of water, it’s no wonder that we need to drink it daily to survive. Approximately 2.5 liters are required each day to maintain the health and promote vitality for overall well-being. Although many people assume that purified spring water is the healthiest form, more are learning the benefits of Artesian water and why its even healthier and cleaner for the body.

1. It Contains More Minerals
Artesian water can be found deep within artesian wells where contaminants are not able to make contact the water, resulting in higher amounts of minerals. Some of these minerals include calcium, fluoride, bicarbonate, and silica. These minerals work to promote stronger bones, balance in the blood’s pH, healthy joints, and protection of enamel on teeth. It also contains a high level of electrolytes with the minerals, which work to properly balance the fluids in the body.
2. The Water is in a Cleaner State
Water like Nicolet Natural Artesian Water is carefully preserved from deep into the earth within several layers or rock that effectively preserve the state that it is in. This prevents acid rain, bacteria, toxins, pollution, and ground contaminants from having contact with the liquid, as opposed to all other forms of water. Even when the water is pumped out, a special pipe is used to keep the water pure and in its natural state before consumption. The sealed delivery system ensures that there is not any direct contact with human hands or even the air for an organic state.
3. Filtration Before Consumption
Artesian water is still filtered to remove particulate matter for an incredibly clean product that stays true to how it was originally found. Ultra violet light is also used to disinfect the water and ensure that it is of the highest quality without altering the taste or state. Most companies that sell artesian water also ensure that the water is monitored and tested several times a day to ensure that the quality is safe and that the mineral levels are up to par.
Although artesian water can cost more, it is known to enhance the overall health and well-being of the body for a stronger immune system. It’s proven to be the cleanest form of water available and is void of all additives. Because there are high levels of minerals, it makes it more nutritious and a fresher form of staying hydrated throughout the day.