2 Great Arm Workouts Without Dumbbells

The arm muscles group is one of the most prominent and visible muscle groups which is commonly known as biceps. Whenever you would like to show off the strength and beauty of your beautifully shaped muscles, you would love to expose your biceps. Gaining muscles in biceps is not something very easy, so you really have to work harder in this area if compared to the other ones. There is not just one or two ways to gain desired muscles, but you can find various ways, however, not all will be equally useful and effective for you.

Arm Workout With Dumbbells
The use of dumbbells is exclusively recommended by the experts. Major reason for lifting weight with dumbbells is that muscles get stressed. While you are lifting dumbbells, your muscle fibers will be torn. If you have never heard about muscles tearing, you might get it in the wrong way or something negative to your muscles building process; in actuality, this is a good thing as torn muscles push your body to begin the recovery process in which the muscles are repaired and new muscles are developed, and as a result, you get bigger and strengthened muscles. If you are interested to get much bigger biceps you have to push those muscles under stress and pressure so they can be torn.
Weight of your body plays a significant role in building bigger biceps for you which means if you want to get muscles in your biceps, you should gain weight, and for gaining weight, there is no other way than eating proper and nutritional meals.
Arm Workout Without Dumbbells
If you don’t have time to go to a gym and perform arm workouts with or without weight, you don’t need to worry about it as there are a few very good exercises for arm workout without dumbbells which you can perform at the comfort of your home. Here are a few exercises that you can use without weight and these will be giving you great results.
  1. Push Ups

Pushup is a very old exercise and it has been used traditionally for many centuries. You find it absolutely simple to perform as you don’t need any machines or weight or dumbbells to do pushups. You can use a number of variations which may vary in the amount of resistance to your muscles.
In the simple pushup form, you can stay at the bottom much longer than the other forms such as putting your feet on something higher like a step or a box. This is a little variation in regular form but creates great amount of resistance and you may find it a little harder to perform.
  1. Pull Ups

Pull ups is another simple exercise in which you have to lift up your body weight while the pressure comes on your arms. Pull ups commonly performed with the help of a bar that is sturdy horizontal, but if you don’t have access to a horizontal bar you can simply use the height of a tree branch or doors or another structure similar to the sturdy bar.