13 Natural Methods and Resources for Diarrhea Relief

Relatively often happens that the human body affects severe diarrhea. This is one of the best ways to cleanse the body and get rid of all harmful substances that enter into it. However, diarrhea also brings certain pains. Are there any resources that can help to mitigate these pains and to fasten the process of healing, and that it does not cause prolongation of the same or it is harmful to the whole organism and evolve into a disease?

Most of the advices that we are going to mention helping to relieve the stomach pain that accompany diarrhea, and contribute to faster healing.

First: the connection between milk and diarrhea; one of the main causes which leads to the occurrence of diarrhea is the frailty of lactose (milk sugar) in the body system. Experts agree that the frailty of lactose is the main cause for diarrhea. Most of them said that the diarrhea is caused by a virus. Also, they agree that the virus is the major cause that healthy adults suffer from diarrhea. So, due to lactose diarrhea occurs in infants and sometimes in adults that, while drinking milk, they feel pain and retching, followed by diarrhea. Of course, it is treated so as to avoid the food containing lactose, which means that we should not consume most of the dairy products, with the exception of some types of cream and fresh cheese.

Second: pay attention to the drugs that are taken because they have a major impact on diarrhea from which the person suffers. For example, the diarrhea can be caused by taking anti-heartburn that the person suffered from earlier in the day. We do not see that this is the cause that correlates with the functioning of the stomach and of the bowels. Remedies that are taken in morning for heartburn should just eliminate it, however, anti-heartburn often lead to diarrhea. To avoid future occurrence of diarrhea, we need to take anti-heartburn remedies containing only aluminum hydroxide, and do not contain magnesium.

Third: regularly take light food that is prepared in a larger quantity of liquid (cooked food) such as chicken soup, etc. This is done because the intestines need to rest during diarrhea. Therefore you have to take into account the feeding regimen, while diarrhea lasts. A person does not need to bother its digestive tract, forcing it to work what, that will worsen its condition. When a person begins the treatment by eating salads and cooked foods, in its diet can add rice, banana or apple juice and thereby alleviate symptoms caused by diarrhea.

Fourth: take fluids as much as possible. It is not so important what kind of food we take, the most important is to take large amounts of fluids, despite the fact that many people do not like to do that while they have diarrhea. Drinks containing salt and small amounts of sugar are considered very useful for the problems with diarrhea.

Fifth: avoid certain foods. Despite the problems with diarrhea food is not as important as taking fluids, however, there is a certain food that should be avoided because they cause intestinal problems. These include herbaceous plants, cabbage and broccoli. Some other food that contains large amounts of carbohydrates may be more difficult to adapt in the body and thus worsen the diarrhea. These types of food include: bread, macaroni and other products made of a wheat (pasta and pastries), apple, mulberry, pear, plum, oats, potatoes, etc.

Sixth: avoid mineral water, which contains carbonates, same as the other carbonated beverages, because it will only worsen the condition.

Seventh: the best medicine for diarrhea is to wait for its symptoms to pass. Remedy for diarrhea should be used only in cases when it is really necessary. There is a remedy called Imodium (which may be in the form of capsules or syrups), and it is the best for treating the problem of diarrhea.

Eighth: should not rely solely on the treatment with diet/food. Taking pectin and acidophilus, and barley, bananas, cheese, tea and other foods that are mentioned in traditional medicine for treating problems with diarrhea, are not useful. For them, it is said that are causing tightening in the bowels and slowing their work, and that’s what we do not want, because it prolongs the retention of food in them, and therefore duration of the symptoms. What we want is the food to pass through the intestine as soon as possible, which means it’s best to let things take their natural course.

If an adult becomes ill from diarrhea, it means that the body tries to cleanse itself of toxins, which is very useful and healthy. But, is the same thing happening among infants that have diarrhea?

Diarrhea in infants, and also children who are still small, it is a very serious matter, because the child exhibited rapid loss of body water (dehydration). How to deal with this situation?

First: to solve the problem of dehydration in children is not the best solution to give them drink water or fruit juice, but it is advisable to take some of the drugs intended for dehydration of infants or small children. In addition, one should know that it is good for children to walk during severe diarrhea. Also, it is possible that a person itself can prepare a drink for dehydration: take one teaspoon of sugar and a little salt and put in a quart of water.

Second: take into account the diet of young children. When a child has a severe diarrhea, you should not give him milk that day. Also, a small child should not be given a normal diet. For children who are breastfeeding it is advisable to give them rice, apple juice or bananas for a day or two. The positive side about this food is that it is always available.

Third: be able to determine when to stop taking your medication. The biggest mistake most people make is that they do not know when to stop taking drugs. Once a child is diagnosed with diarrhea for a shorter period of time, it occurs a loose stool once or twice per day. It is not necessary to introduce some long strict dietary regimen. The food should be adjusted for a period of a day or two.

Fourth: as a remedy take carrots. After the first two days, ensure that in the bowel the beneficial bacteria are renewed. Therefore, drink half a glass of boiled milk, in order to restore the previous state.

Fifth: You should also know that chicken and beef are useful for children. For some children it is useful to add a little more salt in the meat, because they will drink more water, otherwise they do not want to. However, you do not need to do that more than two or three times a day.