11 Youthful Solutions for Treatment of Skin Drying

Winter is the biggest enemy of the skin. It causes dryness and cracking. It can also cause the appearance of itching of the skin. Does the drying of the skin means that the skin does not have enough moisture? How the skin can be properly nourished during the winter and in the other seasons? 
The dryness of skin is caused by the lack of water, not fat. If we read this chapter, think about it, we would start using the advices that are given. Our skin will be very grateful for that.

First: to avoid cracking, it is not necessary to drink large amounts of water. Numerous books about body care say that every day we should drink seven or eight glasses of water minimum, with that we keep the skin moisture (hydration) and prevent skin dryness and cracking. Do not believe in this!
Second: the water should be given the place it deserves. The best way the skin to provide the necessary amount of water is when the body is in the water. It is advised the skin (e.g., feet, hands) to be kept for fifteen minutes in warm, but not overly warm water.
Third: the skin should be smeared with some kind of moisturizer. This should be done after each bath (shower), because moisture typically evaporates from the skin during bathing. If a person takes regular baths, then it is very important to take this into account. The moisturizing cream provides retention of moisture in the skin.
Fourth: for the skin (in its internal area) to remain wet, it should be a little dried (on the surface, after washing or bathing). When you put moisturizer on your skin immediately after bathing, it is far more effective than when it is put on dry skin. This, in turn, does not mean that people should hurry after bathing or showering to apply the cream sooner or any other liquid asset on the wet skin. Rather, we should use a towel to dry the skin or dry the area on which we want to put a hydrating product.
Fifth:understand that we do not have to use the creams that we see in commercials. There’s nothing wrong with using some things of the nature or oil as a means of hydration. In fact, each person who has problems with skin allergies may use any vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, etc.)  or a refined oil to heal the dryness and the cracking of the skin.
Sixth: to treat excessive drying of the skin use oats. Some researchers believe that the effectiveness of oats as a means of nourishing the skin was famous even four thousand years ago, but today many people do not know about that. The oats can be used to nurture the skin during bathing: put one cup of oats in a (linen) bag and then in warm water, in which the person will bathe. The oats should be grounded (into powder) and like that to be put into the water.
Seventh:choose the kind of soap and which contain large amounts of grease. Most soaps contain basic substances. For this substance is known to have excellent effects in skin cleansing. However, they also cause cracking of the dehydrated skin. People who have problems with dry skin are advised to avoid those kinds of soaps that contain strong cleaning agent (antiseptics), and to replace them with the kinds of soaps that contain large amounts of grease.
Eighth: do not use a lot of soap. There is no medicinal ingredient in the soap. The western society turns into a society which exaggerate in cleaning and beautification, which can be dangerous. We are witnessing many problems in people who use a lot of soap, as opposed to those who use it less. For all these reasons we recommend you not to wash the skin if it is not dirty.
Ninth: the skin needs help in order to keep (maintain) the humidity. One type of problem with drying and the appearance of skin itching can be warm and dry air in the room during the winter. The warm air in the house can only contain 10% of moisture, and it is normal to contain 30-40% which is enough to keep the moisture inside the skin. For all of this, the experts advise that during the winter to use appliances  that maintain the humidity of the air.
Tenth: it is useful during bathing to leave the bathroom door open, because the slightest amount of moisture is very useful. If we use heating during the winter, we should also maintain the humidity of the air.
Eleventh: the maintenance of the cold air is considered to be one of the most effective and easiest ways to treat the itching feeling in the winter, which occurs due to the fact that we are locked in a warm room.